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Leading Astrology EventsIn Person & Online For Nearly 20 Years

As a expert professional astrologer, Crystal has impacted audiences all over the world, in-person as well as digitally, including small group workshops to keynoting 100’s of people. She is on a mission to create better awareness about ourselves through our personal astrology. Her work inspires people to be their best selves while using the stars and planetary influences to their advantage. Every event is tailored based on the needs of the audience. She helps people gain confidence while giving them hope, inspiration and knowledge about astrological influences in play.

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New Jersey's Leading Astrotherapist

A Path To Spiritual Growth, Mental Wellness, And Mindful Living

Crystal B. is the Predictive Astrologist and Astrotherapist behind Crystal B. Astrology. She has been featured on NY LIVE as a renouned NJ Astrotherapist and Astrologist, and is the author of Feed Your Moon. Her office is based in Montclair, NJ but she connects with people all over the world. She is a second generation astrologer and has been around astrology all her life. As an author, public speaker, writer, teacher and mentor, she has become a trusted source of astrological information all around the world.

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Corporate Wellness

Businesses Are Seeking New Tools of Insight

Astrology can chart the course of our personal lives, as well as the growth of a business enterprise. Corporate leaders and professionals of every level can benefit from the insights gained from corporate astrology sessions – presented as workshops, lunch and learns, or team building events.

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College & Educational Workshops

Tailored Presentations And Sessions For Your Educational Group

Crystal creates transformative learning experiences that leave you inspired and eager to explore more. From insightful discussions to hands-on activities, her workshops are designed to not only expand your knowledge but also deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

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Your Monthly Horoscope

Astrology Blog

These blogs not only offer a glimpse into the future but also serve as platforms for discussions about personal growth, self-awareness, and spiritual exploration. Crystal’s blogs often blend their astrological expertise with psychology, spirituality, and mindfulness, aiming to guide readers toward a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe. Whether you’re a seasoned astrology enthusiast or a curious newcomer, astrology blogs offer a valuable space for introspection, connection, and navigating life’s cosmic currents.

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To Say Crystal B. Is An AmazingAstrologist Is An Understatement

“The Barnard community really enjoys her presence on campus and has even asked that she be given a residency. Crystal is very thoughtful and caring with her approach, and delivers information in a way that is compassionate, supportive, and leaves you reflecting on the world around you. Even students who were somewhat skeptical left their reading wanting to see Crystal B. again.”

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