2024 Astrology Horoscopes Guide Details

This 250 page guide serves as both a forecast and workbook with journal prompts to help you set your goals and think about all the facets of 2024. It is rich with articles, inspirational and practical horoscopes, timelines, calendars & power dates, allowing you to easily learn about the astrology of 2024. Learn why 2024 is such an important wrap up year that closes out major cycles, the 2024 story and forecast, and what it all means as you prepare to set your intentions in the most powerful way.

Gain access to cosmic tips and tools to help initiate and connect to new kind of inspiration as you make your annual goals.

This book will help you understand the big picture surrounding the 2024 playing field including its story and deeper meaning. Access workbook exercises and journal prompts to help you easily plan with the planets and work with the universe. Know the opportunity factors and caution points all with practical and positive wisdom.

Book Excerpt:

“The tale of 2024 holds the keys to an important cyclical conclusion. It puts us on the edge of great change and transition, on both a personal and collective level. Interwoven throughout the threads of each of the 12 months of 2024 is the necessity of hope and healing. Great cycles are pushed to wrap up in the 2024 terrain, with several planets hovering in the critical “on-the edge” 29th degree. Each of us needs hope and verifiable proof that something better follows. The 2024 planetary story delivers a range of extremes. Intertwined within its polarities are wings of hope that something better can exist for all of humankind to keep moving forward. Alongside hope, comes new opportunities and necessity to heal. All of us, in some shape or form, are healing wounds of our personal past, as well as those of generations before us. The truth of the matter is that we can’t get to the next without some level of healing.

The collective has been suffering both internally and externally. How you approach your own call to heal is a personal decision. Prompts continue to surface, coming from several planetary influencers, triggering the necessity of coming to a new peace of mind and soul sanity. On a grand scale, the collective is being exposed to entirely new dynamics which can excite and overwhelm us at the same time. Let’s, first, take the big picture into consideration in order to think about the importance of 2024. The bigger picture requires fast forwarding to 2025 for a moment. I need to bring it to our attention first because in 2025, 4 major planets change or begin operating in new signs. That is a rarity of the greatest magnitude. Pluto, Uranus Saturn & Neptune all prepare for new signs….”

2024 Horoscopes Guide Includes:

  • Deeper meaning and story behind the back drop of 2024
  • Journal prompts & work book exercises to help you align properly
  • In depth revelations surrounding important go periods, opportunity factors & stop points
  • Key forecasts, intuition and astrology articles surrounding every planetary influence

2024 Horoscopes Guide: Major Astrological Influences

  • Astrology Learning Tools
  • Mercury Retrogrades
  • Influences of all planets & how you can relate to them
  • 2024 Lunations by Month
  • Year of the Dragon
  • The Moons Nodes & 2024 Eclipses
  • In-depth 2024 Time Line

2024 Horoscopes Guide Detailed Inspiration for Every Sign Including:

  • Inspiration, motivation and advice for how to align with your sign’s specific energies
  • Key themes & major planetary influences for your year ahead
  • Venus Activations including her Rare Triple Play in February
  • Jupiter in Taurus + Gemini Opportunity & Expansion
  • Saturn in Pisces: Limitations, Restrictions, Challenges & Triumphs
  • Neptune in Pisces: Critical 29th Degree Operation, Plant Medicines, Magic, Illusions & Spirituality
  • Mars Retrograde: Preparing for 2024’s End of Year Slow Down
  • Uranus in Taurus: Embracing Upheaval & Change PLUS the Rare Jupiter + Uranus Meetup
  • Pluto’s Final Run in Capricorn & New Operation in Aquarius: Grand Finales + Revolutions

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