New Moon Astrology

New Moons are a time to initiate things.

Moon Astrology is based on the Phases of the Moon and when they occur as they denote powerful lunar times. Each month a new moon will occur, which is the first or initial phase of the Moon. The way the Moon affects us will depend on how it is interacting with our personal astrology. Member Horoscopes provide the dates that the new moon will occur each month and in what sign.

New Moon Astrology Guide

New Moons are beneficial times during the year to initiate something and the Astrology behind them can help us pick the perfect time to go out and do it. Member Horoscopes reveal the date and time each New Moon occurs. You will also learn more about what its story reveals, tools to engage with it in the most meaningful way and how it applies in your life.

More About New Moon Astrology

A New Moon happens once a month when the Sun and Moon touch each other. It’s a great time for new beginnings of any sort and the perfect time to set intentions for yourself.

Ask and you shall receive.

Putting your intentions out there can sometimes manifest into bigger and better things.  Sometimes when you ask – you will receive. In 6 months time, at the time of the Full Moon, you can really gauge and assess whether or not what you started was beneficial for you.  Even if it doesn’t go the way you planned, the process itself can be beneficial so don’t let fear of the end result deter you.

Most importantly, good luck with all your NEW discoveries …. and you never know … something may end up finding you without you ever having to do anything.

If you follow your own Astrology Chart, you can look for the house where the New Moon falls to get clues on where a new beginning may take root.

Find Out What Each New Moon Means For You:

Let Crystal Take You Through the Ins & Outs of Every Moon

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