Using AstroTherapy to Conquer Uncertainty

AstroTherapy is a tool that can shed light on important topics.

We’re all caught up in waves of uncertainty from time to time. Having a little extra insight into what’s happening behind the scenes can ease the most troubling situation. Astrotherapy uses a combination of Astrology and Therapy that helps people get to the bottom of “what the heck is going on in my life”.

The beauty of AstroTherapy is that in can actually put a time frame on when you’ll actually feel better.

It can’t stop the feelings or make you get through them faster, but it can let you know when relief will be felt and give you a hope factor. The difficult periods of uncertainty that seem to find each of us at different stages can be debilitating. It’s helpful to understand the motions in play behind the scenes. Knowing that there’s a reason behind it all can give clarity and help push us forward rather than hold us back.

Astrology is really a magical combination of your past, present and future all rolled into one. Influences of all kinds are always around us—coming into play at various times.  They help us get to new levels and experience all the things we are meant to. Sometimes we repeat negative patterns and need a nudge or push to get us going in a better direction. We might have lost sight of what we really wanted and having knowledge of our planetary story helps to make things clear again.

I personally think of Astrology and the planets as my ever trusting friends who are always honest with me – despite the situation.

There’s simply nobody out there that can tell us what the planets can. Their message is always insightful as well as honest. People lie – but the planets never do. Of course, sometimes we’re not ready to hear their message and that’s ok. I am a firm believer that the right insight comes along at the right time for each of us individually.

Many of us find ourselves curious about why we’re feeling a certain way or why we always find ourselves in certain situations. Astrology can help figure it all out – and give direction at the same time. It’s an alternative tool to ease our anxieties and give peace of mind – planetary style.

Having the right person relay that message is where the therapy part comes into play.

Sometimes life is good and sometimes it’s bad …. and the planets are always involved in some way or another. It is insightful to know why we are a certain way and the reason behind the positive and negative events in our lives. Most importantly – Astrology can give us a glimmer of what’s in store in the future. Having a little foresight is always helpful – particularly in times when we need encouragement to keep moving forward.

It’s also very useful if we’re having a hard time in being patient and need a little boost of confidence. Astrology can help us hone in on when something important will happen and what the theme will be. Of course it may not always play out precisely as we had thought – but having a little hope in our back pockets can give anyone a confidence booster.

There is always a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel and it’s helpful to know when it’ll finally be visible. AstroTherapy is the key to unlocking the mystery behind it all.

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