I sometimes find that people are nervous or hesitant to see what is in store for them. Please know that all of my readings are done in a positive light. Astrology is here to help us – not hurt us. Here’s some comments and reviews from clients that show how exciting and beneficial Astrology Readings can be! Also feel free to check out my Facebook page and Yelp for additional reviews.

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Astrology Readings Testimonials

“First of all—you’re amazing. Second of all… yeah, that’s it—you’re amazing. Absolute relief and confirmation. You’re really lovely and talented. Thank you, from the depths of my heart.”

“Having consulted astrologers on and off over the past 20 years and studying it a bit myself, I can definitely say Crystal is the real deal. Her focus on predictive astrology is perhaps one of the more difficult tasks to do because she has to look at 50-100 different elements, know which ones will have a stronger influence vs a lesser impact, then synthesize all of these into how they will personally affect her client. I have found her predictive readings to be quite accurate and definitely appreciate her ability to clearly explain astrology to whatever level her client is at as well. I highly recommend her professional astrology skills which are nicely matched to her compassionate conversational style – she’s really easy to talk with. What’s more, her fee when compared to others at her level is a really good deal!”

“I was trying to come up with one word to describe Crystal, but it is impossible as she is so many things. She is an amazing astrologist but more than that she is passionate about what she does, caring about the people she reads for and has a contagious energy that I can’t even describe. I have been getting astrology readings for over 15 years. The universe recently help me find Crystal and I am forever grateful. If you have never had your astrology chart read or are looking for a new reader or even a second opinion I highly recommend you give Crystal a call. You will not regret it.”

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Astrology Relationship Readings Testimonials

“I just had to write to let you know how much I enjoyed spending time with you yesterday learning all that is going to unfold in the next year astrologically. I listened to it again yesterday and so glad I did! I heard things that I didn’t quite catch when we spoke. You have a way of explaining what is happening with a positive, caring and loving way and I so appreciate that. Your insight, especially into the relationship area of our charts, helped me so much. Just knowing I can put energy towards our marriage, not away from it has me dancing around my house today. Thank you soooo much Crystal.”

“You confirmed everything, once again thank you so much for your help.”
“I want to thank you for doing my first ever initial reading. Our session really helped remind me why I broke up with my boyfriend. The last couple of months, I was focused on him and where things are going with that other girl. But I really think I have reached a turning point. I wanted to let a couple days pass by to see how I felt after our session but I still feel as empowered as I did after our session. I know I did the right thing for myself and am curious and excited to see how everything will play out this next year.”

“Our experience with you was incredible and we hope to see you again soon!!”

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Astrology Monthly Membership Testimonials

“I love Crystal. She is my go to for astrology! I so look forward to her free monthly general sharings, but her personal tips are well worth the reasonable amount she asks for exchange to me a member. Members get way more info and support. Thanks Crystal! You make it all make sense in this often chaotic world. Love you.” Stephanie Ellis

“Hello Crystal! I am a big fan of yours and follower from Monte Carlo in Europe. Thank you so much for all your posts and updates. They are fabulous ! I love reading you! Thank you again for all your amazing work. You are gifted ! Best regards from Monte Carlo”

“I have been utilizing Crystal’s astro brilliance for a few years now and all I can say is GO SEE HER! I love her sharing and updates, I found myself always wanting more…I FINALLY became a member and I was blown away about how much MORE there really was/is. The membership perks are totally worth it. Her writing is fantastic and totally easy to read. When you read her work it’s like you are talking directly to her.”

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Astrology Events & Party Testimonials

“I work at a University in NJ and we have Crystal at our events often. The students love her! She is super easy to work with and totally relatable. I can not tell you how many times students walk into my office and ask when she will be back. Crystal gives you a lot to think about and educates you on the “science” behind her sharings. You bet your LUCKY STARS Crystal B is the one for you!”
Carla Brady NJ

“Tonight’s class at Goddess in Eden was phenomenal. As a Psychic and someone who wants to bite the deliciousness of Astrology- I enjoyed being in your audience! ”

“Everyone LOVED you. They were sending me texts asking when can we have you come back.”

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Astrology Lessons Learning Portal

“Your enthusiasm with the planets and astrology is just fantastic…and contagious.”

“I have gained such an insight through Crystal in myself as a person, what phase I am in right now in my life and where I am heading but also my skills and parts of myself that I need to be aware of.”

“I read many books but your portal is the best to understand the basics. It helps me a lot in understanding how astrology works.”
The one that goes on the dedicated page:

“I always keep your reference tools close by my side because they really help me just get it!”
“Crystal’s passion for astrology is wonderfully expressed. Her planetary explanations are clearly detailed and the dates are so on the money!”

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Collaboration Testimonials

“Crystal B. has been writing Astrology articles for Elephant Journal since 2014. Her articles are informative, helpful and connect to the reader in a personal, accessible way. Crystal is passionate and her writing is easy to edit. She is cheerful and easy to work with and is always happy to make changes when necessary. Crystal took the time to help me understand astrology better by meeting with me to clearly explain my own chart. Last year, when our astrology article department made a major overhaul, Crystal was happy to accommodate us and adapted her astrology writing to fit our new style guidelines. She is a joy to work with and I recommend her as an astrology expert.” —Ashley Hitchcock, Editor @ elephantjournal.com

“My sincerest thanks again for respecting artists! We need more people in the world like you.”

“I always enjoy working with Crystal on all of our delightful collaborations. The time we spend developing, sharing and expanding ideas has always been very inspirational to me as an artist. I’m honored to bring Crystal’s astrology writing to life and when we create I’m always certain that the Stars are on our side. ???? Crystal is a highly talented, open minded astrology and author. Her articles are very inspirational and full of positive energy for positive change.
Thank you Crystal, you are my favorite Astrologer!”
Danny Caran—Artist & Owner http://www.dannycaran.com @dannycaranstudio

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