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This is the RIGHT TIME to connect to the RIGHT TEACHER who can help you understand your cosmic influences easily. Begin working with Crystal today to learn how to master your personal astrology, decode your planetary influences and become your BEST self.

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From the basics all the way up to my secret master level predictory tools designed to help you easily follow the planetary influences in your life. My Master Course includes everything necessary to help you understand what your planetary story.

Enrollment is currently closed. The Astro School is going through an exciting revamp! Stay tune for some amazing additions coming out later in 2024! In the meantime, you can get on the waitlist for a private session with Crystal. Feel free to drop a line if you’re interested in learning about a particular facet of astrology. 

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Benefits of Enrolling

Useful Tools

Tools to help you EASILY break down all the complicated astro-jargon so you can truly understand the planets and signs, along with their effects on your life, career and relationships!


My Unique “Astrological Learning Cocktail” that includes my 10 Core Astrology Lessons that stack the odds in your favor when it comes to understanding who you are at your core and what you need to tune into your planetary message!

Make Better Connections

Use my unique Core Astrology Lessons to help you put all the pieces of your astrology together. Tap into tools that help you access all the parts of who you are, make better relationship connections and help you live your BEST life!​

Live Classes

Opportunity to continue and enhance learning with Crystal’s monthly live learning class that meets 3x per month only available to participants of the masterclass.

Lesson Plans

Lesson #01 — Getting to Know each of the Planets Up Close & Personal
Lesson #02 — Getting to Know each of the Signs of the Zodiac
Lesson #03 — Your Special Picture: Exploring the Houses of Your Natal Chart
Lesson #04 — Exploring Aspects and How Planets Talk to Each Other
Lesson #05 — Discovering the Moving Planets & How their Transits Affect our Lives
Lesson #06 — Putting it All Together
Lesson #07 — Midheaven Exploration – Learning More about Your Career & Life Direction
Lesson #08 — In-depth astrological house overview using the cycles of the moon; learn to track house activations using the moon cycle
Lesson #09 — Special points of interest, including the asteroids, North & South Node, Black Moon, Part of Fortune & Vertex (point of destiny)
Lesson #10 — Spotlighting your Personal Planets: Communication, Connectivity & Courage
Lesson #11 — Find Out Who You’re Attracting & Why, You’re Reactive Forces & How to Use Astrology to Create & Balance Relationships
Lesson #12 — Master Course Wrap Up: Seeing things “Behind the Veil,” Continuing to Put in All Together and Exercising Your Eyes

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Meet Crystal B.

Your Astrology Mentor

Crystal B. is a professional astrologer, Astro Therapist and teacher of astrology. She has been around astrology all her life and working with clients professionally since 2009. Her office is located in Montclair, NJ where she sees clients both in person and on-line. She is an advocate of mental health and emotional wellness. Her specialized astrological workshops have been developed for prominent colleges, universities and businesses. As an empowering female author, teacher, coach, counselor and entrepreneur, she has become a trusted source of astrological information and guidance all over the world.

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