Your Moon Sign

Moon Sign in Our Personal Astrology

Everybody knows what their Sun Sign is but the Moon Sign is almost always missed. The sign and placement of your Moon can be more important than the Sun because it describes who we are behind closed doors. If you’re ever trying to find out more about a person, look at their Moon sign. It’s a tell-tale sign for who they really are and what they need to feel satisfied.

The Moon Sign Reveals Our Emotional Realm of Operation

The Moon Sign reveals our emotional side, how our emotions operate and even the characteristics of our mother! It also shows what we need to feel secure as well as the best ways to find emotional contentment.

If you are unsure of your Moon Sign, use our Free Astrology Calculator to find out.

Keep an eye out for any planets that seem to be close to your Moon. The characteristics of that planet will likely mesh with your Moon sign. I have included the planet that works with each sign for reference. Reading for both will help you get a more detailed explanation into your Moon’s operation —if you have planets close to it.

For example, I have a Moon in Sagittarius that touches Neptune. I would first read about my Moon in Sagittarius but also read about the Moon in Pisces. This is because Neptune is the planet that works with Pisces.

This is not the case for everyone and would ONLY apply if a planet was close to your Moon when you were born. A max of a 10 degree differential (or orb) is the most to use.

Find Out What Each Moon Phase Means For You

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