Leo Moon

A Leo Moon, ruled by the Sun, wants to be king of its castle and have ultimate control.

Leo, after all, is the King of the Zodiac. With a person’s emotional realm operating in this territory, it creates a desire to be the boss or at the top of the chain. They want to shine and will always take great pride in everything they do – as well as tell you why their way is superior (but in all actuality it just might be!).

A Leo Moon’s honorable nature allows them to achieve success without wrongdoing because they are highly against cheating or going behind anyone’s back. They are generous to a fault and will always be very quick to help. Just make sure you recognize their help and appreciate it – because they require recognition for their achievements.

Key Words: Dramatic, Self-Expressive, Stylish, Flamboyant, Attention Seeking, Need to be Recognized & Appreciated, Creative, Playful, Fun

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