Full Moon Astrology

A Full Moon happens once a month when the Moon and the Sun oppose each other. One can’t deny that energy just gets charged up with a Full Moon. Even if you know nothing about Astrology, you can probably look back and remember feeling a little different when there’s a Full Moon. And you know what? You’re right!

Full Moon Astrology Guide

Energy always runs high at the peak of a Full Moon and if you aren’t feeling it – it’s highly likely someone around you is. Member Horoscopes reveal each month’s Full Moon and what it means for you!

More about the Full Moon in Astrology

The Moon is where our feelings live and when she’s full, feelings and energy can be at their peak. Full Moons bring closure to matters – big and small.  They can also bring awareness and “aha” moments because things that you weren’t noticing become quite clear when the moon is ripe.

You’ll always have two different signs in play – the sign the Moon is in and the sign the Sun is in. Seeds that you planted 6 months ago (on the New Moon) can come to fruition or completion at this time.

If you follow your own Astrology Chart, you can look for the house where the Full Moon falls in order to get clues on where there may be 1) closure on a particular issue 2) completion of an endeavor or 3) gain a new type of awareness or insight into a particular situation.

Even More About Full Moon Astrology

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