Past Life Regression is a Tool that Can Open a Whole New Door of Understanding into Who We Really Are

My work with astrology has revealed that we’re all on a journey which ultimately connects to many lifetimes. A Past Life Regression session helps to reveal not only who you might have been but it can also shed light into the deeper meaning behind our life purpose. Past Life Regression also sheds important light into our karmic connections, truths and challenges.

Going through a Past Life Regression can open up your subconscious to reveal messages and truths that are supportive, inspirational and ultimately healing.

A Past Life Regression session helps you to access your past lives to understand who you were, the experiences you had, and the relationships you had in prior lifetimes. These sessions can be used to alleviate symptoms such as physical and emotional pain, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and more. They can also be used to get more deeply in touch with our soul and each of our divine nature.

Progressive Relaxation Benefits

Past Life Regression sessions also include going through a deep relaxation which provides for many benefits including: releasing anxiety, stress, tension and pain.


I am certified in Past Life Regression by Dr. Brian Weiss – a renowned psychiatrist and global leader in Past Life Regression Hypnosis. His best selling book, Many Lives Many Masters, was a catalyst to my own healing & understanding of my brother’s death. I am grateful to have received my training as well as being guided through my own personal regressions with him .

Private Past Life Regression Session With Astrology Options

I am currently offering Past Life Regression Sessions in person in my office in Bloomfield, NJ. Distance sessions through online video are now also available. Sessions are approximately 2- 2.5 hours. Options for custom packages that include both Regression and Astrology Readings are also available. Please refer to the Astrology & Past Life Regression Package when booking. 

Crystal’s well-intentioned and nonjudgmental guidance provided a climate of trust and safety that made it possible for me to wander beyond the borders of my everyday mind functioning. Her mastery of the progressive relaxation technique combined with her astrological talent and knowledge enabled my mind to open and allowed me a most profound and healing experience while I felt confident enough to ride my imagination throughout some deeply moving forgotten memories.
Thomas Sousa, Toulouse, FRANCE

Crystal is an amazing soul that really uses her gifts to serve the highest good of her clients.  She’s an incredible astrologer and intuitive guide.  Recently, I had the opportunity to experience a past life regression guided by Crystal.  I have always been curious but never found someone I could trust until I was lead to her.  It was an emotional journey traveling back in time to witness my past lives… Crystal was nurturing, soothing, and most of all validating. She provides a very safe and comforting environment which enables you to relax and trust the experience. There is absolutely NO judgement!!  She guides your regression based on your personal needs…you are the captain of your ship!  I let go of so much resistance and emotions that were trapped in time. It was cathartic and liberating! I left so relaxed and sensed that something within me had shifted.  I feel lighter and my dreams have become more vivid…. I can not recommend Crystal enough!! Words can’t express how grateful I am for this experience and most of all for Crystal. 
GK – Kearney, NJ

Past Life Regression Series

Throughout the year, multiple Past Life Regression Series (ranging from 3-6 classes) are offered. Each series is developed to engage with current planetary energies alongside discovering prior lifetimes. Stay connected through Social Media and Crystal’s Email Newsletter for the next offering. 

Astrology Readings Information

Additional information surrounding private astrological sessions can be found on the Astrology Readings Page