Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a Tool to Open an Entirely New Door of Understanding into Who We Really Are

A Past Life Regression session helps to reveal not only who you might have been but also shed light into the deeper meaning behind your life purpose. Past Life Regression reveals important insight into your karmic connections, truths and challenges.

Private, group, and downloadable Past Life Regression sessions

Going through a Past Life Regression can open up your subconscious to reveal messages and awareness that are supportive, inspirational and ultimately healing. A Past Life Regression session helps you to access your past lives to understand who you were, the experiences you had, and the relationships you had in prior lifetimes.

My work with astrology has revealed that we’re all on a journey that ultimately connects to many lifetimes. These Past Life Regression sessions can be used to alleviate symptoms such as physical and emotional pain, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and more. They can also be used to get more deeply in touch with your soul and divine nature. The following describes the private sessions, group workshops, and downloadable audio sessions.

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Private Past Life Regression

Private Past Life Regression Session With Astrology Options

Private Past Life Regression sessions are available online, as well as in person in my office in Montclair, NJ. Sessions are approximately 2- 2.5 hours.

Custom sessions to include both Regression and Astrology are available upon request. Get in touch to find out current package rates and scheduling options.


I am certified in Past Life Regression by Dr. Brian Weiss – a renowned psychiatrist and global leader in Past Life Regression Hypnosis. His best selling book, Many Lives Many Masters, was a catalyst to my own healing & understanding of my brother’s death. I am grateful to have received my training, as well as being guided through my own personal regressions with him.

Progressive Relaxation Benefits

Past Life Regression sessions also include going through a deep relaxation which provides for many benefits including: releasing anxiety, stress, tension and pain. Participants report feeling less physical pain, stress, worry and anxiety after their sessions.

Live Group Classes

Discover Where You’ve Been & Who You’ve Known While Embracing Your Planetary Influences in a Group Setting

Live Virtual Group Classes

Throughout the year, live + virtual group Past Life Regression Class Series (ranging from 3-6 classes) are offered. Each series is developed to engage with current planetary energies alongside discovering prior lifetimes. This is an opportunity to experience many of your past lives through a series of classes.

Crystal custom designs each series to help us not only connect with prior life times, but get in touch with our spiritual advisors and astrological influences. She creates a warm, safe and welcome space to journey through time. Group classes are a great option is you’re looking to get in touch with yourself on a deep level and learn about other’s experiences through the process.

Benefits of Past Life Regression Class Series

  • Progressive Relaxation Benefits helping alleviate stress + anxiety
  • Live Q&A in an interactive Group Setting
  • Engage with Group Synchronicty. Being part of a group where you can hear others experience and how it might relate to your own journey. There have been instances where two or three people in the class (who do not know each other) end up experiencing the same life time. I’ve also had family members take the class and experience the same life times together.
  • Opportunity to experience 2-3 lifetimes per class. Some participants jump through various lifetimes, while others end up staying in a particular lifetimes. Your subconscious is totally in control. Whatever you’re meant to experience and connect with is what dominates.
  • On average, in a group setting you will gain knowledge of at least 3 lifetimes but most report discovering 5-7 lifetimes or more in a 3 part series.

Consistent Engagement

It’s easier for some people to regress than others. One of the reasons I like to run classes is because if you can’t go under the first time, the consistent practice makes for a richer experience and opportunity to connect to the past.

Audio Past Life Regression Downloads

This is a cost-effective way to experience a Past Life Regression with Crystal in your own time. Each audio download is approx. 1 hr and gives the opportunity to connect with up to 3 life times, break through karmic blocks and connect with specific planetary influences. Click your preferred planet to purchase and download separately. Save up to 40% with the Chiron or entire planetary bundle.

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Chiron Part 3
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“Crystal’s well-intentioned and nonjudgmental guidance provided a climate of trust and safety that made it possible for me to wander beyond the borders of my everyday mind functioning. Her mastery of the progressive relaxation technique combined with her astrological talent and knowledge enabled my mind to open and allowed me a most profound and healing experience while I felt confident enough to ride my imagination throughout some deeply moving forgotten memories.”

– Thomas Sousa,
Toulouse, France