Past Life Regression Hypnosis Meditation Download

One Hour Audio download with astrologist and certified past life regressionist Crystal B focused on engaging with past lives and your Uranus influence. This meditation exercise can be particularly helpful for those with a strong Scorpio and Plutonian influence in their astrology. It can also be beneficial for those going through strong Pluto influences.

During this Uranus Focused Past Life Regression, you will have an opportunity to:

Discover extraordinary details about up to two past life times

Release fears from this lifetime, as well as prior lifetimes and replace with confidence building manifestation

Practice healing visualizations focused on getting in touch with your Pluto influence and access gifts that he wants to bestow upon you

Have the opportunity to connect with your spiritual advisors, soul mates, soul companions & loved ones that have past away

Access your subconscious to release patterns of thinking that no longer serve you