A Predictive Astrology Reading with Crystal Gives Insight into the Future & Guidance on How to Maneuver the Present

Astrology is an exciting process of awareness, discovery & hope and Crystal brings that story happening in each of us to life. Crystal’s readings are not only predictive—but therapeutic too. Crystal B is an “AstroTherapist” and uses Astrology to empower people rather than create worry. In the words of a client, “Accurate, enlightened astrologers are very few and far between.” If you’re looking for a great predictive astrologer along with someone who can give a simple explanation into all of it – then you found the right person to talk to.

I don’t think that I was able to fully articulate just how amazed I was at your insight and accuracy, as the whole process left me virtually speechless! I keep replaying our conversation over and over because in it I find validation, reassurance and much needed answers. You truly have a gift! Tonight was the first time in a very long time I felt I could breathe again, like a weight had been lifted.  I thank you of that gift of hope. You were also practical and gave me great suggestions. You are so knowledgeable and presented the material in such a manner that I could have listened for hours!
A recent client testimonial

Types of Astrology Readings Crystal Offers

Initial Astrology Reading $175

Our first reading together is what I like to call an Initial Reading and it will last for 1.5 hours (90 minutes). Expect to hear lots of good info – all about you that will help you to understand yourself better. Throughout the reading, I’ll also give you plenty of insight into your future including specific dates. Prepare to be amazed and walk away with tools to gain a better understanding of who you are and where you’re meant to go next.

Updates & Follow Up $175

A lot of people end up feeling empowered and gain an incredible amount of insight from their Initial Reading. Stopping in for additional updates is always welcome. I recommend waiting 6 months for updates —unless you have a specific question or concern. If something important comes up before it’s time to have a full update, please email me and we’ll work out the details. Emailed audio recordings are also available for updates.

Astrology Relationship Reading $225

One of the most beneficial things Astrology can help us with is our relationships because as we all know they can get complicated. Learning about the nature of our relationship is probably the best kind of insight one can get when it comes to matters of the heart. Relationships go through ups and downs just like we do. Astrology is a tool that helps us hone in on what to do or not do in order to make our relationship thrive. It also reveals if something will ever work out or not.

Solar Return Reading $175-$225

Our Solar Return moment happens once a year. It’s what most people commonly refer to as their birthday. Finding out more about our Solar Return, as well as, knowing when it’s happening can help us set our intentions for the year ahead. If you are looking to enhance particular themes of your life, I can also help you find a specific location to be in for the moment of your Solar Return. Solar Return readings that include travel options are $225 because of the analysis involved.

Astrocartography – Locational Astrology Reading $200

Locational Astrology is an exciting discovery to see in what locations our energy meshes best, as well as specific places to go if we’re looking to enhance certain themes. Given that we all have constraints in where we live, it’s also helpful to know why we feel the way we do in certain places.

If you like to travel, want to get in touch with your most driving energies or feel the need to make a big change this is the reading for you.

Astrology Life Coach Mentorship Custom Packages

I have walked people through some of the biggest crises and transitions of their lives through my astrological work. If you need motivational support, confidence and meaning behind what you’re going through this is a worthwhile investment. My Astrology Coaching Mentorship can also be used for business purposes if you are looking to gain confidence, need special timing for business needs or want to advance professionally. The mentorship begins with an initial reading and then a plan is devised thereafter.

Private & Professional Astrology Lessons $500

Astrology is complicated – I totally get it! I had to learn from the beginning just like everyone else. If we can take the time to learn how to decode our own astrology it will be a gift that will keep on giving FOREVER.

Your chart will be the basis for which we learn—which means you get to learn astrology, more about yourself & your future all at the same time. Three packages are available.

Astrology Events & Workshops $150 p/h+

Hosting an Astrology Event will keep your guests talking- in a good way!
If you’re interested in having a unique, fun & inspiring gathering find out more check out the possibilities. Having a real astrologer come to talk to your guests or clientele is entertainment like no other.

Types of Astrology Readings Crystal Offers

Crystal B is located in the Northern NJ/NYC area but works with clients around the world. To date she has done readings for clients in over 32 countries. Her hours are by appointment only. Sessions can scheduled in person, over the phone or via video. Skype is preferred but FaceTime or What’s App is also available. Feel free to mention another video platform if you have a preference.

The option to have your Astrology Reading recorded and emailed to you afterward is included with every reading. Having a recording handy is always beneficial because of the wide range of information (including dates & specific time) discussed in the session. It’s helpful to be able to listen back on what was discussed later on. Sometimes things make the most sense after you’ve had time to think about things and ponder the possibilities.

Crystal’s goal is to always make sure you walk away from a reading in a place of contentment and regained hope despite any possible challenges that may lie ahead. If you want to read more about her work with astrology & background please click here.

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*Birthday, time and location are used to calculate where the planets were at the exact moment of your birth. If you do not know your exact time of birth – we can still do a reading. However, I may need to ask you some questions to hone in on what part of the day you were born. Time of birth allows for greater prediction accuracy.

I look forward to hearing from you!