Moon Astrology

The Moon in Astrology is a Powerful Force.

This is true in a general sense as well as on a personal one. We can all relate to the Moon on many different levels. Horoscopes are usually based on your Sun sign but understanding your Moon Sign is equally important. Your Moon Sign is based on the sign of the Zodiac the Moon was living at the moment of your birth.

New Moon & Full Moon

Moon Astrology is based on the Phases of the Moon Each month both a New Moon and a Full Moon take place. These times of the month denote the most powerful lunar times.

New Moons are a time to initiate things. Full Moons are a time to bring closure or turn things to a new level. New dynamics are always set into motion during these precise times of every month. Energy always ramps up. The way the Moon affects us will all depend on how it is interacting with our personal astrology.

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New Moon Astrology

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Full Moon Astrology

Full moons identify turning point dates. They can signify times to complete something or make the decision to abandon it. Membership reveals each month’s Full Moon, what it means for you and learning resources to decode it. 

More About Moon Astrology

The Moon will always be one of the biggest topics in Astrology. Here are some interesting articles on discovering more about the Moon and how she affects each of us personally.

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