Finding Your Progressed Moon: What Skin Are You In?

love the skin you are in

Astrology is really good at helping us figure out where we’re at… Your Progressed Moon

There’s something in Astrology called the Progressed Moon and it’s something we can look at to see what “phase” or skin you’re living in. This timer helps us to discover what our motivations are in the current moment as well as whether we are operating more inwardly or outwardly. From a predictive standpoint, it can help us hone in on the areas that are most open for change in our lives.

Our Progressed Moon goes through all of the signs of the zodiac all throughout our lives.

It stays in each sign for about 2 1/2 years or so.  The way it works is that basically, we change our outlook, perspective, and even the way we look and feel every 2 1/2 years.  That’s right – we’re all on a 2 1/2 year timer. Crazy right? But ohhhh so true. Keep in mind that we’re all on different schedules and the timing of each of our phases ties right back to the moment when we were born.

When our Progressed Moon enters a new sign – we take on a “new skin” or go through a new phase.

Each skin we are in is very similar to the traits of each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.  After a 24 year period, we’ll have made it through each of the signs – gaining experiences from each “skin” we were in. Every phase is important and it’s impossible to skip one. We all go through each sign of the zodiac spending about 2 1/2 years or so in each one.

Curious about what phase you’re in?

Here’s a list of the 12 signs of the Zodiac including a few key themes of what can happen when our Progressed Moon moves through each one.  Try to guess which skin you’re in and then see where you’re heading next 😉

Aries – you could come more pioneering & assertive – this is the time where you’ll make sure your needs are being met

Taurus – you’ll think a lot about money and establishing some roots – perhaps buying a house or starting to save $

Gemini – you might go back to school or become more social

Cancer – you’ll become more home & family-oriented

Leo – you’ll seek the limelight and want to be in the public eye

Virgo – you’ll get serious about work and become extremely focused on achieving your goals – I’ve seen a lot of people lose a lot of weight & get healthier

Libra – you just might fall in love or seek out relationships – even partnerships

Scorpio – your thoughts will be deeper and much more intense – you may feel much more down than normal

Sagittarius – you’ll have a renewed sense of freedom – ready to conquer the world

Capricorn – you will most likely put your money in order and tighten up the purse straps

Aquarius – you may become rebellious and do things you never did before – your unique side could come out – you also could become much more philanthropic donating your time to help a worthwhile cause

Pisces – you will most likely help people or take care of somebody in some way – maybe even a little too much

Your Progressed Moon is a big trigger for events that will take place.

Wherever it’s operating is a clue as to what area of your life will be impacted most. From a predictory standpoint, a key event time is when our Progressed Moon is at the very end of a phase or sign.  At that time, a person usually goes through a transition or eventful period.  There’s always something that happens to take them into the new phase.

I’ve seen a lot of different things happen right before a person’s Progressed Moon changes signs. Marriage, divorce, new jobs, trips, buying a house, having a baby, meeting someone significant or deciding to end a significant relationship, major house renovations, and the list goes on and on.

Something always has to happen to take you into your new 2 1/2 yr cycle. So the burning question for today is “what skin are you in” right now and where are you heading next?

Schedule a personalized reading to discover more about your Progressed Moon and where it’s affecting you most.  It’s my favorite predictive tool after all 😉

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