The Moon by Crystal B.

The Moon in Astrology is a very powerful planet.

She holds our emotions and personal securities.  Wherever she is in our charts is what we crave emotionally.  When she is sparked off many things can happen to us. These things can affect us on an emotional level as well as spark actual life events to come out.  Women, including our mothers, are also connected to the Moon.

Each of us has our very own “Moon Sign” and this sign is very powerful in our personalities.  When our emotions are sparked people will see the traits of your Moon sign come out.  It’s so beneficial to find out what your Moon sign is because it can reveal a lot about your personality.

The Moon also refers to our families and homes.  There’s a song called “I’m Comin’ Home” and I always think of the Moon when I hear it because it captures the essence of going back to the place where you belong.  Despite all our challenges in life we all just want to get back to the place that makes us feel better.

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