Aquarius Moon

An Aquarius Moon, ruled by Uranus, is always looking to make the world a better place – from a humanitarian standpoint.

It’s never afraid to rattle the stars either. They have a rebellious quality to them and sometimes get an emotional thrill from shaking things up. An Aquarius Moon Sign can also be detached from one-on-one interactions. They will, however, jump at a cause where it can lead the masses. Its greater purpose is to help people and sometimes that can take on a bit of a controlling attitude. They might be the first to jump in and share their opinion on what a person can do to change their situation.

People born under an Aquarius Moon have a powerful ability to help the greater good and can truly move mountains in humanitarian efforts of all kinds. Changing an oppressive situation or helping a cause of any kind is something that would emotionally satisfy them.

Key Words: Rebellious, Unique, Wild, Unpredictable, Humanitarian, Progressive

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