Virgo Moon

A Virgo Moon, ruled by Mercury, operates on an intellectual level when it comes to the emotional realm.

Knowledge is key and when they are stressed they might seek out information rather than a hug. They need captivating conversation that can stimulate their intellect to be emotionally moved. Change and travel are welcomed since this sign has close connections to the planet Mercury (the on the go planet).

Ultra-hygienic is another trait of this Moon sign and they wouldn’t feel at ease unless they were in a germ-free environment. Sharing their straw with a loved one would be a huge no-no. They are also reserved and most often shy, preferring to be away from the spotlight. A Virgo Moon would much rather prefer to put themselves to good use in other ways.

Key Words: Detail Oriented, Clean, Organized, Duty-Bound, Lives to Serve, Routine-Oriented, Body+Mind+Spirit Connected, Health Conscious, Hypochondriac Tendencies, Germaphobic

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