Capricorn Moon

A Capricorn Moon, ruled by Saturn, is an ultra polished place for the emotional realm to operate in.

If your emotions live in this sign, you will never let anyone see you sweat and will always find a way to look good in the public eye. It’s so important for this sign to have the perfect façade and they will go to great lengths to never let people see their weaknesses.

A Capricorn Moon has an uncanny ability to control their emotions and would never shed a tear in the public eye.  Underneath it all, they yearn for success and have great staying power. “Never give up” is their motto and they feel emotionally satisfied when they are working at attaining a goal.

Capricorn Moon is a sign that is ultra-goal oriented. It’s got a plan and it’s going to go after it now matter how hard the climb. Achievement is something they are always after and feel most satisfied when they get to the top.

Key Words: Practical, Organized, Grounded, Business Oriented, Cautious, Pessimistic, Responsible, No Drama, Stylish

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