Scorpio Moon

A Scorpio Moon, ruled by Pluto, brings their emotions to a mysterious and dark place because Scorpio is all about the underworld.

It’s the most difficult place for the Moon to live. Many people with their Moon in Scorpio feel their emotions on such an intense level that it causes them to become emotionally conflicted. They will only trust a rare few with their deepest thoughts – but once trusted they tend to hold on tight and never let go.

A Scorpio Moon and their instincts are usually always correct because they have an ability to see things as they truly are – no matter how dark.  They also have a great ability to uncover deep truths of the psychological kind and make great psychologists, investigators, and detectives. This is the person that always has a flashlight to see their way through the dark.

Key Words: Deeply Emotional, Intense, Passionate, Emotionally Driven, Jealous, Desirous, Sexy, Mysterious, Secretive, Investigative

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