Libra Moon

A Libra Moon, ruled by Venus, loves to do unto others and take it to the max. 

They have a gentle nature and like to please others. A difficulty they always try to work through is that they can be overly affected by other people. This is a sign that will always work best, from an emotional standpoint, being closely connected to another. Having a partner is the key that unlocks their heart.

A Libra Moon yearns for a partnership and doesn’t do well alone.  A downfall to this operation of emotion is that it has a hard time saying no. It likes to please way too much.  Their ultimate emotional goal is to feel peace and balance with a partner in crime by their side. They truly can be the most peaceful and zen as they are always looking to keep the emotionally scales in perfect balance.

Key Words: Relationship Oriented, Harmonious, In Balance, Social, Friendly, Matchmaker, Cooperative, Compromising, Appreciative of Beautiful Things, Prone to Worry

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