Pisces Moon

A Pisces Moon, ruled by Neptune, is a highly imaginative and mystical place for the emotional realm to live in.

Feelings are paramount to the Moon sign that loves to escape reality. The ocean rules over its domain and it can be a spiritual place for the emotions to swim through. These types can be quite deep and not get bothered by anything mundane. They are great philosophers and story tellers. Their imaginations can run wild.

A Pisces Moon has the greatest ability (of all the Moon Signs) to truly get in touch with themselves on a deep level. Their emotions live in the ocean and the waves could sometimes sweep them away if they aren’t careful. This is a sign that can be highly impressionable and literally absorb other people’s emotions or energy without even realizing it.  Feelings can come up, similar to waves crashing against the sandy shore, very easily.

This sign also has a great ability to feel the true nature of a situation easily. This attribute can be a downfall if not wielded properly. When we soak up other’s energy it can literally end up draining us emotionally so it’s important that they surround themselves with the right people. It’s also important to have a creative or physical outlet where they can release their own, as well as, others emotional build-up that has been soaked in.

Key Words: Dreamy, Escape Artist, Impressionable, Compassionate, Intuitive, Sensitive, Empathetic, Goes With the Flow, Creative

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