Aries Moon

An Aries Moon, ruled by Mars, denotes a person that is an action-seeker.

They are fiercely independent, courageous and not afraid to do something in a moment of crisis. There will can sometimes come on a bit strong because of their intense desire to act and react to situations. This is not a person that will sit back and do nothing when they are emotionally torn. The Aries energy propels them into taking action.

In love matters, an Aries Moon tends to put forth more initiative during the “chase” and can lose their affectionate nature once the thrill of a relationship has dulled. Keeping things exciting in a relationship will always thrill an Aries Moon. They are all about keeping things exciting, new and fresh.

Key Words: Bold, Impulsive, Risky, Energetic, Feisty, ‘ME First’, Initiate