Cancer Moon

A Cancer Moon is ruled by the forces of the Moon.

It denotes a person connected to the Moon’s phases which propel them into many different emotional states all at once. They are both emotionally sensitive and intuitive.

Their intuition is unprecedented and should always be listened to.  They are also very connected to their families – particularly their mothers.  A Cancer Moon will most often wear their heart on their sleeve. They can be easily hurt and revert into their shell if they feel like someone is not listening or giving them proper attention. Giving or helping out is high on their list —but they expect the favor to be reciprocated.

A very interesting characteristic of a Cancer Moon is their memories. Every detail is always remembered and if you cross them in any way – they will always remember and likely hold a grudge. When they are stressed they will retreat away from the world and not want to talk to anyone.

Key Words: Familial, Emotionally Expressive, Caring, Nurturer, Sensitive, Domestic, a Natural Mother, Mood Fluctuations, Worrier

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