Astrology Houses

What are Astrology Houses?

The simple answer is that they are incredibly important when it comes to your personal Astrology . AND it’s important to understand how they work – if you’re curious about your chart and the future

Extra House Info to Know/Remember:

All Astrology charts are divided into 12 sections otherwise known as houses. There are many different house systems or methods to divide up our charts – my personal favorite is the Placidus System.

If you visit me or ask me to look at your chart, this is the house system I use 95% of the time because I find it most accurate in prediction – and most people are all about the future!

Each section or house, as we say in Astrology lingo, rules over a particular part of your life. Something else to keep in mind is that each of house has a sign that rules over it which describes the nature of how that particular house operates. Your Rising Sign sets the stage for what signs rule each of your houses.

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It’s also important to make a note of what house each of the planets lives in. Each planet’s placement has an important meaning in your life.

Taking a look at “packed” houses (or ones with a lot of planets living in them) can reveal what “themes” will be most prominent in your life. Make sure not to stress if you see that some of your houses are empty. It doesn’t mean you won’t experience things in that area. We just need to look a little deeper into what that particular house’s planetary ruler is doing in order to find out.

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