Taurus October 2023 Horoscope

Radical Release

Important new shifts and developments are part of your October, Taurus! Something I need to mention first is the Lunar Eclipse that takes place at the end of the month. This is going to be so important for you. It delivers a radical release and closer in order to make space for the next. I know there’s been continued prompts outside of your comfort zone but you are maneuvering through beautifully. Jupiter is supporting you in your sign, slowing and surely delivering new confidence. Your ruling Venus also makes some important moves this month finally exiting your home and family sphere. She’ll move into your house of play, perhaps giving you some space to have a little fun. You might need to plan for it, however! 

I know you’ll be busy. The Sun will trek through your house of work, pushing you to tackle big jobs and cross things off the TO DO list. You also may be prompted to take care of your body and wellness, as well. New attention into this area becomes apparent and I encourage you to be willing to listen to your body’s needs and wants. Take notice of your routines over the coming weeks because this is a great time to implement some necessary changes. Also notice limitations and honor them. Adjust to the changing you with power and grace. A new chapter at work or in your routine finds you by mid-month with a Solar Eclipse igniting in this area. I know in the background, you are sensing the pulse of change. Part of you is excited, while the other part is resistant. Liberate Taurus and explore the possibilities of where the hands of fate point you next. 

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