Taurus June 2024 Horoscope

Staying Mindful of My Reactions & Activating New Portals of Success

It’s time for a new month and one that promises to help begin expanding your connection to resources.  A lot of attention now centers on all things financial and value driven.  This is the time of your year to consider what’s most important and tune in to where to direct your efforts monetarily. Expansive Jupiter is now settling into your house of money, value and abundance (a place he’ll reside for the next year!). Opportunities may present early on with Jupiter gaining support from power driven Pluto, who’s been transforming your career house. The changes you’ve been making are very real — and June delivers a true success factor! While it’s always hard for your sign to alter course, there’s a clearer pathway for you to do so in June. Important changes become very real. 

Be brave in making decisions. Choose the path that values your most authentic self. You’ve worked too hard to continue to wear any more masks that hide the true you. You are worth and capable of so much. The time is now to tune into making your success a reality. You’ve created a strong internal foundation for yourself over the last year and now you can build on it. June’s Gemini New Moon begins a new chapter involving money, resources and connecting to new value for yourself. Your ruling Venus will also be sweetening this area, helping you attract to nice things through the middle of the month. Stay mindful of spending too much, as the allure will be high to do so. It’s also possible that you decide to disconnect from materialistic things and focus on connecting to more meaningful experiences. June’s Full Moon taking place right after the change of season in later June delivers another important turning point of your year. As with everything in the month ahead, expect a two part story in all your encounters. 

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