Taurus June 2022 Horoscope

Finding My New Sparkle While Creating New Portals of Wealth

Breathe an important sigh of relief now that May is behind you! You’ve made it through the first Eclipse Season of the year, which has likely left you in a very different place with entirely new perspective. If you are a tired or feel worn, June delivers less pressure for your sign and new momentum to keep moving forward. Don’t shy away from self-care if you need it to continue to recharge. A new sparkle is looking to surround you. Your senses will become renewed as your ruling Venus continues her travels through your sign. Consider what’s important to you now that you’re through the eclipse gates. This will help you put some pieces together and tune in to your new purpose.

You’ve been changing for a while Taurus. But things have now gotten intense and more changes are around you than you’d like. Take great value in all your effort. I can see you working very hard to process it all. You’re doing a much better job than you realize. There is new opportunity surrounding you in regards to creating more value for yourself. Whether you are looking to increase your wealth or have others respect your time more, a shift comes into play. Themes surrounding close and personal possessions, money and things you need and desire swirl around. Whether you realize it or not, you’re an attraction magnet. Your thoughts might gravitate towards what needs to happen to create more abundance. It’s also possible that you decide to disconnect from materialistic things and focus on connecting to more meaningful experiences. Creating memories after all, can be much more precious than anything tangible. Ask yourself what means the most to you now.

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