Taurus November 2022 Horoscope

Big Reveals in All Things Partnership Related

I guarantee that your month of November will be wild–and potentially life changing. It opens up in the heart of Scorpio Season and Eclipse Season. With Scorpio being your polar opposite sign, you’re prompted for action and poked to see an entirely different side of the spectrum. And there will be a lot of happenings in this sign! Anything that has become stagnant or stalled in your life, now gains fresh perspective. But Scorpio is a sign that connects to death and re-birth. Metaphorically speaking it’s time to say good bye to an old way of life in order to make way for something entirely new. This is uncomfortable and quite frankly I know that you’re tired and worn out by the whole process. 

To help the process of revitalization, the universe plans on sharing new focusing tools to move ahead in the most positive way. The weeks ahead take you on a journey to see your life through a very different lens. A necessary slow down may be part of this. It’s like you’ll be moving through your life in slow motion, which gives up the opportunity to see things that you missed while moving too quickly. Most importantly your closest partnerships will encounter a new light. All that has been in the dark, now becomes illuminated. 

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