Taurus March 2024 Horoscope

Attracting New Prosperity & Success While Encountering Fated Connections

As March moves in, money and manifesting more abundance are on your mind in bigger ways than usual. Both lucky Jupiter and innovative Uranus are picking up speed in your sign. They are moving closer to their grand collision taking place next month. Important developments are heating up now, leading up to their great connect (aka: conjunction). With all planets direct for the entirety of March, expect new and exciting projects to present that’ll ultimately lead to more. I can also see you needing to socialize or connect more,too. March delivers a big push for you to grow your network and make new connections. 

Opportunities to socialize, perhaps coming out of the blue, arrive into your sphere. This is only fueled further by the momentum of all planets continuing to move direct. When the planets are moving ahead, so are you. The clock strikes midnight on April 1, however, when Mercury moves retrograde! Do your best to wrap up whatever you can by month end. The most important focal point in this forward motioning month is finding some sort of new circle or group. Centering yourself around different people than your usual or a particular group could deliver new inspiration and passion. March delivers powerful shifts of change for you Taurus. But I know you’ll need to move outside of your comfort zone (yes again!) to tap into the benefits. There’s a part of you that may really go outside your norm in much bigger ways than usual – particularly leading up to the March New Moon. Expect to feel a continual poke to do something different — even if it hurts to contemplate doing so. I know that you’re a creature of habit but this is the time to change old habits. 

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