Gemini October 2023 Horoscope

Finding New Balance Within My Extremes & Planting New Seeds

It’s time to get your Eclipse Season dancing shoes on Gemini! October delivers a key opportunity to make beneficial progress, alongside a roller coaster of high energy. A sense of extremes presents. On the up, a Solar Eclipse ignites in your house of fun, play, romance and creative expression. The child in you wants to come out and play! But the month ahead is all about balance. Alongside needs to play and have fun, come needs to work, organize and get down to business. It’s going to be a push, pull kind of scenario where some days you’ll give into the playful side of your nature, while during others you’ll be pushed into focusing and getting to work.

Intermittently all throughout the month, both Mars and your ruling Mercury ramp up new passion and needs to communicate. There’s a part of you that wants to move quick but you’ll need to pay attention. The potential for recklessness also surrounds you. It’s always about choices. I think what I like best about the coming weeks for you, is how your sign is so benefited by the strong element of air. Wherever you go, whether it be for work or play, your mind will be fueled with ideas and you’ll be enticed to talk about them with others. October is a month for making connections and getting your social on. 

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