Gemini January 2022 Horoscope

Hiding Out & Discovering New Ways to Stack the Odds in My Favor

Gemini it’s time to kick off your 2022 party. New goals are looking to form early on with this month’s manifesting Super New Moon. That being said, it’ll be important for you to be on your toes as January kicks into gear. More diversions are necessary but at this stage of the game, you are really good at thinking on your toes. If anyone can roll with things veering off course it is, indeed, you! An important transformation continues to take place inside of you. I can see you getting yourself ready for some new kinds of public spotlight. Lucky and expansive Jupiter is just getting cooking in his new sign of Pisces that’s spotlighting your most public house. But for the most part you will probably be in a mode to hide out behind the scenes.

You’re definitely visioning up new 2022 goals—and I know you want more. But the truth of the matter is that you want to keep everything to yourself, until later in the month. Things are “sort of” beginning to materialize—- but you’re not quite ready to discuss your thoughts, just yet. There are also some curiosities that haven’t been answered quite yet. I know you have a sense that change is still in the air. The challenge will be to not go too far off course with the diversions coming your way.

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