Gemini November 2022 Horoscope

Prioritizing and Accepting Limitations for Fresh Starts

An important dance now surrounds you Gemini. It’s a dance of understanding your multiple sides, honoring them and being honest with yourself about what you want for the next. In order to truly see and realize this, a slow down comes over you. Going slow is not your strong suit. I know you need excitement, thrills for something more and an opportunity to escape somewhere hidden. But the universe now plans to test you on all these fronts. It wants you to now stop for some time and take a look around. What have you been neglecting in your pursuit of more? What has derailed you? Ask yourself what now needs to be seen that was previously missed.

I’m always impressed with your super powers of being able to go with the flow—even if the flow needs to go super slow. These mutable powers will serve you well as you move into the next and embrace some stillness. But I do see you needing to take care of important business—it just may not be the fun stuff you would rather be doing.. November promises to be WILD but it will also keep you busy, Things that you may have brushed off because better things surrounded you now need to be taken care of. 

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