Gemini April 2024 Horoscope

Taking on Mercury’s Backwards Tricks & Engaging With New Networks

A very active and perhaps chaotic month lies ahead Gemini. Where it takes you is setting you up for a new 12 year cycle and that’s the exciting part. Stay open to the possibilities. Expect to be on your toes right from the month kick off. Your ruling Mercury stations retrograde just as April begins. Up until April 25, you’ll be pulled on some detours. Have some backup plans ready! Something of the past calls and it’ll be important to explore where it takes you. People that you haven’t seen in some time may also center back for some reason. While there is a lot of energy pushing you back, there’s also new light shining in on groups or organizations you are a part of. In the grand scheme of things, you might even be working on bringing a long time dream into reality. What happens next will take you by surprise and deliver encounters you never saw coming. 

Pay attention to prompts to connect to your network or friend circle. This is especially important with April’s Total Solar Eclipse illuminating new developments in this area. Unexpected doors are beginning to open. You’re continuing to experiment with different ways to engage and connect with others. Remain true to your authentic self through the process. This is a time to be social and you may sense new desires to make connections. Given the high energy of the month, there might also be some secret revelations looking to emerge that help you break free in some kind of way. 

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