Aries January 2022 Horoscope

Visioning New 2022 Dreams & Initiatives But Not Getting Deterred by Slow Starts

All eyes will be on you…and what you’re doing as the New Year begins. Situations are looking to find you, whether you’re looking for them or not, to get noticed. Get into a group-oriented mind set, perhaps even leading a group, because this is where so much energy is looking to find you in the coming year. That being said, things get off to a slow and murky start as you “try” to hit 2022 ground running Aries.

While there is a lot of attention on you, self-confidence issues or blockages may be standing in your path. Keep in mind that people are naturally attracting to you but you may not gain a great sense of that till later in January. It’s also possible that you’re picked – because of your experience – to handle something important late in the January game. Use this insight to keep trekking Aries and not lose sight of 2022 goals and initiatives.

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