Aries June 2022 Horoscope

Manifesting to the Max & Finding a New Groove

June promises to deliver some of the most important momentum of your year. With your ruling Mars operating in your sign, all month long, there’s a lot of go, go, go that will surround you. The good news is that Mercury moves forward early in the month, releasing you from prior setbacks. It’s time to move deeper into exploring new initiations and tune into Jupiter’s expansive factor in your sign. Look ahead, Aries, because new fuel is igniting your fire. Important momentum with resources or money could also see new turning points. You’re in manifesting mode to the max! There’s a lot of potential for you to take new sources of inspiration to the next level.

More activity surrounds your involvement with friends, neighbors and even relatives (like cousins, aunts and uncles). What you say and how you react to situations will also be huge. Communications will be necessary in the coming weeks. There’s not only going to be a lot to say – but a lot to do! Try not to go too quickly because trip ups could happen. I’d also take some processing time to really decide what it is that you want to devote energy too. You’re heading into a period of the year where there will be lots of new things to pick up. Truly think about what you’re reading, willing and able to complete.

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