Aries November 2022 Horoscope

Accepting Necessary Slow Down & Discovering the Benefits of Taking Pause

Make preparations for a lull. The month ahead delivers the first part (of a long 12 week stretch!) of your planet, Mars, moving backwards. Even though this period will not be your favorite, it’s going to deliver important turning points. Try your best to embrace a slow down and accept that time will be necessary in order to get you to where you need to go next. There are benefits to be had in being still and stopping to see the conditions you’ve been operating in. The universe is slowing you down to learn more patience and gain gratitude for little things. 

As the month kicks off, a strong desire to get to the bottom of things, particularly those involving joint resources, comes into play. This is where your initial awareness kicks into play. While many of the pieces have started to come together already, you’ve been waiting on a few more. This universal slow down now allows you to finally see the big picture of what you’re really dealing with. It’s time to transform and resurrect yourself into something entirely new. A new collaborative venture may be in store or you might be considering co-mingling resources with someone. It’s a good time to inventory what you and someone else have the potential to bring to the table. 

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