Aries June 2024 Horoscope

Manifesting to the Max & Making New Connections in My Spiritual Journey

June promises to deliver new momentum to your year. The month begins with your ruling Mars in the final stages of operating in your sign. Before he exits (June 8-9), the planet of action promises to give you a new zest on where you want to direct your efforts next. I sense you’ve already begun to engage with new pep in your step. There’s a distinct leadership quality around you, too. Get in tune with it and look ahead because new fuel and purpose is igniting your fire. The Jupiter Pluto trine, peaking on June 2, but in tight orb for most of the month, supports your success and continues to give you great gains. When Mars changes signs, new momentum with resources or money begin to see new turning points. You’re in manifesting mode to the max! There’s a lot of potential for you to take new sources of inspiration to the next level. I also want to take into consideration that there may be a sense of a new purpose calling. This is a very pioneering time of your life and the universe is delivering tools to help you in this new chapter. 

Social activity will be high. June’s New Moon offers quite the party to your doorstep – particularly with relationships. On the whole, you can expect more encounters to surround your involvement with friends, neighbors and even relatives (like cousins, aunts and uncles). What you say and how you react to situations will also be huge. Positive communication will be necessary in the coming weeks. Hold back some thoughts if they might not be received well. I expect you’ll have a lot to say – in addition to a lot to do! Try not to go too quickly because trip ups could happen, particularly around June 11. This is the point when your ruling Mars gets caught in the wild fires of Pluto.  Despite a new quickening, I’d consider taking some processing time to decide what it is that you want to devote energy to. You’re heading into a period of the year where there will be lots of new things to pick up. Truly think about what you’re willing and able to complete. We both know you’re a great starter but completion is not always your fav. 

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