Cancer November 2022 Horoscope

Finding New Ways to Listen to My Intuition & Share My Creative Expression

November kicks off in the midst of watery Scorpio Season, a sign that supports yours to the fullest. You both understand each other and can see eye to eye when it comes to the importance of feelings. Intuition will be particularly high as a result. Listen to your gut! I see you being able to move so much better and really finding a new kind of flow. Powerful insights come on strong right from the get-go. A new sense of something that’s been missing surfaces quickly and perhaps unexpectedly. 

As I detail more of the happenings of this important month, I want to remind you that you’re always connected so deeply to the Moon. She’s your girl and when the Moon is happy so are you. But she goes through many fluctuations each month, always taking you on a wild ride alongside her. And the ride will be wild in November. The reason is because November completes the last Eclipse Season of 2022. It’s time to accept necessary exits as we make way for equally important entrances, 

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