Cancer June 2024 Horoscope

Taking Some Necessary Undercover Time & Being Brave with Calls of Change

Welcome to June and all the shifts it promises to deliver! The first part of June pushes you to go inward. Up until June 20 when your season officially arrives, the Sun will be traveling through the very hidden and most secretive part of your astrology. This creates a pull for you to operate on a more inward level –but there are success factors to tune into. An important two part Full Moon story promises to activate your relationship house later in the month. However, I sense that developments in the early part will lead up to the decisions needing to be made. Mars continues to drive momentum in your career and most public portal through early June. Both Saturn and Neptune (in the critical 29th degree) also offer support with travel and how you’re branding and promoting yourself. I know you will sense a social buzz surrounding you, but so much of your energy will want to pull in. It’s ok to need to take a breather. 

Make sure to take some time out to focus on you in the coming weeks, rather than others. Deep insights and energies will continue to manifest inside of you. It takes courage to be honest with yourself about what’s coming up. Listen to your inner intuition of what you need to do. I sense you will gain some signs or feelings that help you direct all your energies into something constructive. While you may feel like tucking away all your feelings inside, it’s more beneficial for you to discuss what’s on your mind. Find someone you trust to discuss the ins & outs of all that’s brewing. When the Sun moves into your sign at the solstice point, you are going to feel like an entirely new person. This solstice offers a true celebration and light for your sign. 

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