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Cancer June 2022 Horoscope

Taking Some Necessary Undercover Time While Catching Some Sweet Spots

For the most part, June is your time of year to go inward. Up until June 21 when your season officially arrives, the Sun will be traveling through the very hidden and most secretive part of your astrology. This creates a pull for you to operate on a more inward level despite the big shifts happening later in the month. After the emotional whirlwind of Eclipse Season and the intensity of May, I can really see you needing a little time to tuck away and retreat back into your shell. It won’t last forever, though!

The first Super Moon of 2022 ignites mid-month in your house of work. A new and important project begins to take up a lot of your attention. Mars will also begin catching some important speed in your career house. New attention is coming in on you, whether you’re looking for it or not. It’s also possible that you might find yourself looking back and measuring all the things that have gone right & wrong. Don’t be hard on yourself during the first weeks of June. Make sure to acknowledge where 2022 has taken you so far. Also know that there is so much more ahead. The new doors that began to open at the end of April took a pause — but they are about to open up again. The universe is now ready to show you what’s been waiting on the other side.

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