Cancer January 2022 Horoscope

Churning Emotions into New Goals & Maneuvering Through Relationship Complication

You’ve come a long way moon child! January delivers a fresh mindset and time for you to look ahead and make your way into the next. The key to unlocking your 2022 story has everything to do with your place within particular relationships. New awareness and situations are in the making within the context of all your closest partnerships. A Super New Moon is also igniting this area creating a surge of goal-oriented energy with making new alliances. But with Venus going retrograde in this area, some truths about how you’re being valued by others is coming on front and center.

The Moon is always your most important marker for where you’re going next. This year, your sign delivers the first Full Moon of the Year – a Wolf Moon. The coming weeks may test your emotions but the stamina and perseverance of your nature will help you lead your pack. You may need to detach in some kind of way, which is really not your style. Hard work, will likely be quite necessary as you begin your 2022 journey. But you got this moon child and there is a new kind of support and abundance that’s centering on your sign that hasn’t happened in quite a while.

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