Cancer December 2023 Horoscope

Wrapping Stuff Up & Embracing a New Relationship Mindset

The last month of 2023 promises to keep you busy—and perhaps you’ll find yourself running in a few different directions. Whether it comes from trying to spread holiday cheer, taking care of others (we know you are excellent at that!) or taking care of your own business there will certainly be lots to do. With that being said, there is a continued universal push factor supporting you to “crack your code of confidence.” Your sign also takes the honor of the last Full Moon of 2023. We both know how important the Moon is to you. When she’s amped up – so are you. But this last Full Moon of the year promises to be different—because you’re operating differently. 

The end of the year delivers important new awareness into the new person you’re evolving into. As you trek through this final end of year wrap up, I want you to honor your feelings and acknowledge that you’ve come so very far. A braver heart is now beating within you. While a lot of December activates your house of work and service, I can see others wanting to connect to you, too. Maybe others begin seeing you differently. Relationships of the past could also start to creep back in as we head towards the middle of the month. There will be a lot of attention on your relationship house in addition to Mercury’s final retrograde starting on December 13. Your house of alliances and partnerships begins to unravel its own kind of mystical tale. Do yourself a big favor and keep anyone toxic out. 

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