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Mystic Power by Annas Breath

Mystic Power by Annas Breath

Our Solar Return Moment Happens Once a Year

Ordinary people say “Happy Birthday” while Astro-lovers like myself say “Happy Solar Return.” Our Solar Return is the exact moment the Sun makes his way back to the same spot he was when we were born. It usually happens right around our birthday … sometimes a few hours before or after. That part depends on where we are at the moment of the return.

The Solar Return is an exciting thing and one to be aware of. I always like to make a note of where I am at the moment of my return and try to be in a positive place. It sets the stage for the year ahead, after all.

From a movement perspective, it takes the Sun about 360 days to travel back to our Natal Sun’s location. It happens once a year and when it does, the planets align to form a special picture. All of the planetary combinations happening in the picture reveal details about the year ahead.

Each Solar Return picture is important to look at. It can give us clues into details about the themes that will highlight the upcoming year.

From a predictive standpoint, I read all Solar Returns in a similar way to a Natal chart. However, there are important comparisons that I add to the analysis. Given that Astrology is a big ‘ol puzzle, I find that we’re missing the full picture if we don’t look at both the Solar Return and Natal chart together. They work as a pair or team in my astrological mind.

I personally look at the transits (which are the moving planets) to the Natal chart FIRST. Doing this gives me the most accurate results. Next, I look at the Solar Return picture which usually reveals the same theme as what the transits were saying.

The most important factor I look at with any Solar Return is the Rising Sign.

A Solar Return Rising Sign showcases how we will be seeing our year ahead. It also reveals what kind of sign influences will be painting our “front door.” For added insight, we can take the Solar Return Rising Sign and embed it into our Natal Charts (our personal astrology picture). The house the Solar Return Rising Sign lives in reveals clues into the area or theme of our life that will be most highlighted.

Another factor to look at is where our Natal Rising Sign falls in our Solar Return. That house will also prove to be a prominent theme in the year ahead.

Other factors to look at are the placement of the Sun & Moon in the Solar Return.

The more active the Sun and Moon are in your Solar Return – the greater likely hood of an impactful year ahead. We all know that some years are much more “exciting” or “busy” or “challenging” than others. All of those influences are revealed through the way the planets, most specifically the Sun & the Moon, are operating.

These factors really are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making a full Solar Return analysis. However, they are the pieces that always prove to be the most important to me when I’m looking in.

Changing the course of the year ahead & manipulating the Solar Return

It is possible to change the course of the year by altering our Solar Return picture. The only way to do it is to travel on our birthday (or around there) and switch up the place where the Solar Return happens. Doing so changes the wheel and placement of where all the planets will reside.

There are many places around the world. Where we choose to stand at the moment the Sun makes his return, sets the course of our year ahead. It’s an amazing thing to work with and see all the possibilities. Astrologers have been manipulating their returns for years and helping others to do so too.

We could choose to emphasize money, relationships, family, home, etc etc. The sky is the limit – however, there are caveats. We can’t snap our fingers and all magically align our Solar Returns to win the lottery.

If the planets are in a challenging combination—we can’t really change that. What we can change is the area of our lives where the challenge may decide to manifest. Sometimes, it’s really best to stay put and not tempt fate, but other times there are key opportunities to take advantage of by altering the picture.

No matter where we are at the moment of our Solar Return, it’s an important picture to think about. No one can deny that we’re all on a path of some sort. The picture the Sun creates at the point of our birthday points us in the direction we need to go.

Always pay attention to what’s happening around the point of our birthdays – that in itself is a good indicator of the year ahead.

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