Aquarius November 2022 Horoscope

In It to Win It Both Publicly & Privately

November promises to be a very active —and public month right from the kick off! There is a lot of attractor energy coming your way and I want you to embrace it. That being said it’s going to be intense and I bet you’re sensing it.  Being front and center is not your favorite, as well as dealing with uncertainties. Important crossroads continue to surround you and I know that your sign is feeling the angst of Eclipse Season’s part two more than most! But if we peer beneath the veil, the universe is saying that the time has come for others to take notice of what you’ve been up to. Key big picture cycles are coming to new turning points. I see you leaving November with a completely new sense of direction than where it was when you began. Get ready for it!

The winds of change are kicking up once again. Alongside the swirls of development will be the most authentic you looking to emerge. But expect to not want to be caged in. Your ruling planet, Uranus, will be on over-drive in the coming weeks. He’s a force of nature that you know well. But he’s unpredictable and will be even more so this month. Leave some space for things coming out of left field that require your attention. Also maintain strength and courage in the face of adversity. Someone may be trying to stare you down or oppose your beliefs. You’re not going to give in without making your side known. A struggle between the needs of your home and direction in life are coming into an important dual. Your children or children may be a part of the complexities. 

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