Aquarius May 2024 Horoscope

Out and About with New Focus on Family & Home

New and important shifts await, Aquarius! The month of May kicks off with transformative Pluto, turning retrograde in your sign. He’s been giving you a new preview of the major transformation that’s in store for you. Ever since January 20, you’ve been encountering new facets to your soul. There’s been a call to explore more of your authenticity. Some things may have been taken away but in return you’re gaining a stronger sense of self and purpose. With Pluto’s station back, you may be feeling strong with where you’ve landed or tested to tune into what you really want. Either way, make sure you’re listening to your inner dialogue in the early stages of May. You know what you want — and what you don’t. Stay true to yourself. Keep exploring those authentic pieces of who you are. No one can replicate them — even if they try! You’re a one of a kind, original Aquarius!

May delivers great potential for you to renew power into your purpose. It’s quite possible that you feel a bit of a buzz in the air as the month gets started. As the days go on, you’ll notice yourself getting ancy because a lot of energy will be looking to be expressed. These energy bursts could also manifest as big ideas or inspirational pops coming when you least expect them. Mars, the action planet, is now moving swiftly through your 3rd house of communications, short trips and siblings. You might find yourself taking a lot of short trips in the coming weeks. You’re on the go and busy — perhaps needing to move quickly. In the midst of all the forward momentum, a key theme will be your family, home and where you live. 

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