Aquarius October 2023 Horoscope

Making Peace with the Past & Crystalizing A New Master Plan

Welcome to Eclipse Season Aquarius! New doors are opening and old ones shutting. I’m glad to report that October’s energy will vibe with yours. It kicks off in Libra Season which is one of your fellow air signs. There’s a new sense of freedom and liberation when the air element is strong. Your mind is sharp and you become more alert with all pulses of communication. A Solar Eclipse wakes up your house of travel, education, promotion, grandchildren and or stepchildren. New beginnings in this are looking to unfold. Themes involving new learning/teaching projects could also begin. An important trip may be taking place – or perhaps you’re beginning to plan for one. Spiritual matters, and matters involving all facets of the law also become highlighted. Be open minded for a month with new doors swinging open. Your outside the box thinking will help you groove with it vs. against it. 

There will be some major endings to contend to. A high energy lunar eclipse takes place at the end stages of October. It centers on themes involving your family and home area of life. What kinds of things need to be released in this area? Where do you need to forgive and forget — or walk away from? Given that this is the close out to a major cycle that began in November 2021, I’m sure you will notice the signs of what you need to do coming forth. Wherever you’ve been stubborn may become triggered. Interestingly enough, whatever needs to go will leave new room for growth that takes place in this area next year. As you move through the ebbs and flows of these developments, I expect you to be doing some things in the public eye. Mars will begin operating in your most public sector this month, fueling your passions with your career or where you decide to go next. 

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