Aquarius January 2022 Horoscope

Embracing Detours & Waking Up to My New Purpose

Happy New Year Aquarius! As you say hello to 2022, Mercury the planet of communications enters your sign. New ideas are beginning to swirl, as well as needs to express yourself. So much is ahead even though you may not be getting a sense of that right now. What happens in the next twelve months will be RADICAL and life changing. Embrace the shifts that promise to come, alongside a totally new call to embrace all the things that make you- you. When I look out into your 2022 terrain, I see new pathways opening up and entirely different people making your acquaintance. But there’s some important twists and turns that need to happen first!

One of the biggest shifts of your month involve your ruling Uranus making his power turn direct. Uranus is the planet that likes to jolt us and create the unexpected. He also revs up our engines and get things going. All the things that may have started to stall back in August (the time when he went retrograde) now begin to wake up. With Uranus being your ruler —- something will begin waking up inside of you. But for the moment, as we kick the New Year off there may be a necessity for you to take a bit of a step back and operate behind the scenes. It won’t be forever, but the beginning of January is always a necessary time for you to retreat and get ready for your new astrological year.

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