Virgo October 2023 Horoscope

Making New Plans to Attract Abundance

Your ruling Mercury is on overdrive in the coming weeks, Virgo. Thankfully, he’s moving quickly and in a forward direction. As he treks through the final days in your sign, he’s mustering up lots of activity for you (completing on Oct 4). While your confidence may have suffered a bit over the last few weeks, it’s coming back! Venus also enters your sign early in the month, showcasing new attraction factors. Expect to look good! There may be some trip ups, however, as Mercury does meet some resistance in the coming weeks. Despite forward momentum, make sure you move carefully and cautiously ahead. Stay mindful of reactions and triggers. Aggravations will come in and out of your terrain as you work through situations with others. 

Eclipse season has also begun and new doors are opening, specifically in your money sector. With the Sun operating here and a Solar Eclipse taking place here mid-month, new chapters of money, value and possessions are coming into play. This is a time to begin thinking about where and how you will open up these new doors of abundance. The time has come for you to manifest more and put yourself into a new mode of attraction. October delivers a series of planetary shifts that help drive this new kind of momentum. As you trek through, however, I want you to keep the big picture in mind. Important changes are activating in the month ahead. What happens in the next has everything to do with creating new roots for your future.  

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