Virgo March 2024 Horoscope

Committed & Relationship Focused in a New Mindset

An important month and new energy surround you in March. All planets are moving ahead creating a push to go forward and leap into the next. A new vision and reality is brewing in your planning and over-active mind. With quite a bit of attention on your polar opposite sign, energy stirs all around you—particularly in the relationships department. The big picture is that you’re looking for long term commitment and you’re breaking through illusions of the past in order to get there. Those that don’t align with your new vision, aren’t worth your attention. Those that recognize your value, ultimately gain more of your commitment. Watch for what happens with the March New Moon highlighting you relationship sector to the fullest. Important developments are in motion. Courage, confidence and focus (tools that you’ve been fine tuning) are all going to be needed for where you go next. It’s also important to keep boundaries as you move forward. Someone may try to skew the lines in the coming weeks – blame Saturn and Neptune for that!

Eclipse Season is underway! An important finale is in process, getting you ready for the new astrological year which ignites on March 19. A major transformation is underway, helping a new you break through. You might even have a new story to tell with your house of promotion being activated by both Jupiter and Uranus. These two are pushing you to expand your horizons, potentially take a few trips and maybe take on some new learning endeavors. Throughout March they move into close proximity with one another. Eventually they will touch in late April but what happens in March gets you ready for their great conjunction. They are really supporting you since they are operating in your fellow earth sign. The universe has your back – even if you think it doesn’t. Talk about your talents and show off your expertise. Try to experiment with a new role and see how you light up.

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