July 2024 Horoscopes and Astrology

Welcome to the July 2024 Horoscopes and Astrology. There’s a lot of support in the month ahead along with some caution points. July kicks off in Cancer Season and closes out in Leo Season. A fated month awaits with lots of potential for romance, reality checks, familial encounters, continued change factors, critical turning points and potential to deepen your healing journey.  With a lot of the water element in play, emotions will run high including an array of feel good emotions. Learn more about what it all means for you with my member horoscopes.

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July 2024 Horoscopes and Astrology

July begins in Cancer Season highlighting the importance of feelings, family and home. Cancer is the sign of the mother and protector. There may be a strong connection to family matters and protecting those you care about as the month begins. Cancer is also a water sign which heightens emotions. Some of us will be happy to encounter the feelings, while others will prefer to shy away from them.

The month includes some beautiful combinations with Saturn and Venus, helping us with connections of all kinds (both romantic and not). Desire to want to make new connections continues to be strong. July’s Cancer New Moon has potential to begin new chapters of emotional support. Pressure mounts, however, as we approach the mid-month mark. A highly combustible, Mars Uranus conjunction presents pushing our limits to no return.

Another fated Full Moon also presents in later July, taking place in Capricorn (the same sign June’s Full Moon was in). A major turning point of the year arrives at that time. This Full Moon takes place in the critical 29th degree and also strongly features Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation.  A great purge comes into play!

There’s a lot happening and each of us will have our own story embedded in the twists and turns. We’ll need to continue to consider the big picture. Everything continues to change and we’re all involved in a great wrap up. Many of the outer planets are operating in the later degrees, pushing completion and finality in order to make way for the new.

July’s highlights include: Neptune’s station retrograde in Pisces (July 2), a Cancer New Moon (July 5), a highly pressurized Mars Uranus conjunction in Taurus (July 15), fated critical degree Capricorn Full Moon, the second of 2 back to back Capricorn Full Moons (July 21), entrance of Leo Season (July 22) & Chiron’s station retrograde (July 26).

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