Scorpio November 2022 Horoscope

Shifting Through My Power & Pain

Another highly impactful month for your sign awaits! Not only does November encapsulate your astrological season and one you connect to best—but its message talks to you the strongest. Scorpio, your sign is the epitome of the process of renewal. You always know that things need to die in order to come back to life stronger than ever. Your sign embraces the burn of what needs to be eradicated—in order for the new to emerge. November’s message is all about death making way for new life. Transformation, renewal and regeneration are all looking to take place. And while you are never looking to show off, every so often your secrets need to shine a light as a reminder of your strengths. 

Showcasing your power or your weakness will be up to you. November delivers a month where you have a choice to fly high or go low, into the eye of the storm. It’s going to get wild out there! With all that will center around you, I have no doubt that in many ways you are flying into a completely new kind of arena. The winds of Eclipse Season’s finale are going to kick up. Doors are going to need to close in order to make room for the new ones that recently opened. Your sign helps to usher all of this in. Similar to the eagle your sign represents, you will have the choice to fly high or go low because of the surrounding pressures. 

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