Scorpio March 2024 Horoscope

Cultivating Out of the Ordinary Connects & Committed to Creating More Joy in My Life

March wants to give you some new opportunity to find some extra happiness. There’s soul food waiting for you, particularly with your element of water on high octave for most of the month! All planets are also direct helping you plant some important initiations for your future. New developments begin building (in either work or home) that allow you to connect to a little more joy, fun, romance, play—-maybe even children! While something beneficial could pop up out of the blue, I want to encourage you to lean into this energy. Invite something playful and fun into your life. Sometimes we need to be the change — and I know you’re fully capable of transformation. You’ve been riding highs and lows for quite some time. Connecting to new inspiration could be a great outlet to deal with some of the other building energies that present in the coming weeks. 

New possibilities begin to come for a new sense of destiny. The wheels of fate are turning once again. A new astrological year is getting ready to start and Eclipse Season is preparing to ignite. Changes surround us from all angles and certain parts of it are entirely out of our control (not your fav!). But you are being supported in greater ways than you realize. Achievement for all the tests you’ve encountered now wants to find you. Maybe something involving children crops up for the good — or perhaps your own inner child gets aroused for the better. The tides are shifting and you will FEEL it in positive ways this month. The time is now to refuel your purpose, passion and drive. 

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