Scorpio June 2024 Horoscope

Connecting to Victory & Transforming Pressure into a Powerful Ally

As you move into the half-way point of the year, important pieces begin coming together. Your strategic nature is being called upon and new momentum calls you to take things to an entirely new level. Success and transformation surround you—but you’ll need to let go of some control to seize it. On June 2, your ruling Pluto comes into a beneficial trine with expansive Jupiter. Pay close attention to two factors: what feels successful (Jupiter) and what’s changing (Pluto). While your sign enjoys being in a fixed and controlled place, there’s a push for you to do things differently. A new kind of ease opens the doors to make it easier. Embrace it and connect to victory!

You are a master, Scorpio, of transforming pressure into a powerful ally. Remember that fact this month as you work with new pressures between both of your ruling planets. Your sign activates in the biggest way when you feel emotionally connected to your purpose. You are capable of doing big things. Mars & Pluto will be challenged this month as they move into a square with Pluto (exact on June 11). Pay attention to the stress factor as you may need to tap into your tools of motivation again next month. Your stingers may want to come out. Everything revolves around your mindset and reaction. You have the power to move mountains in the coming weeks. 

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