Scorpio January 2022 Horoscope

Getting in a Relationship Mind-Set & Mastering the Fine Tuning of What Needs to Be Said

It’s time, Scorpio, to take relationships and alliances to the next level! An important wake-up call comes into your 2022 scene as the planet of great awakenings, Uranus, stations direct in your relationships sector. Be on the lookout for news and new developments involving partnerships. Something important is coming. While both Uranus and Saturn have been testing you, in more ways than you’d like to admit, over the last year you’ve been growing tremendously as a result.

You’re always going through a constant process of death and re-birth ….. and 2022 delivers one of these very phases. In January, the Moon’s Nodes make their official entrance into your sign (and your polar opposite) saying that IT’s TIME for CHANGE. There is so much ahead this year, it will be a whirlwind. By the time you’re through, the things that will happen will not only change you — but the course of your destiny. It’s exciting and a little scary at the same time.

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