Scorpio June 2022 Horoscope

Executing New Strategy & Making My Own Kind of Magic Happen

Scorpio you are now officially through one of the most important crossroads of you year. Eclipse Season and a Blood Moon in your sign are now behind you. You have breathed in courage and exhaled fear, purging what is no longer necessary. Now as Mercury motions forward during the first week of June new pieces are coming together. Your strategic nature is being called upon and new momentum calls you to take things to an entirely new level. Your co-ruling Mars will be on fire this month, revving your engine and helping execute new strategies that have been in the making for a while.

Be ready to move through the ups and downs letting go of control when necessary. Even though this is not your strong suit, you are getting much better at this. The irony is that you end up becoming much more powerful and strategic when you let go. June is a mutable month necessitating the need to be flexible in order to take away the greatest gains. There is so much more for you this, but you’re being pressured to continue to transform some of your outdated thinking. Something has been holding you back and the time has come for you to release from it. Keep a watchful eye on Saturn’s move retrograde, which is going to reveal where you need to put the most focus.

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