Sagittarius March 2024 Horoscope

Finding New Inspiration on the Home Front & Honing in on My New Future Vision

A big month is ahead for your sign and a lot of it centers on family and home. While you are certainly going to be looking for an escape and moments to find some freedom, there’s a lot of attention coming in on all things relating to your inner world. You’re working through a process of accepting a new reality and vision for yourself. It may not be exactly what you had wanted but you’re moving through the new tides in the best way you can. Reality does have its limitations—but you’re adjusting and perhaps connecting to new modes of spirituality.  Your sign always needs something to believe in. It helps you connect to your higher power. As you see your way through, you may need a little extra space, in order to find a better balance between work and home matters. If one has been taking over, I see you stepping up and taking control to even out the scales. 

This will likely come front and center with March’s New Moon on March 10. Important initiations are underway at this time involving all family and real-estate matters. This is a potent New Moon to begin something and plant important seeds for the future. It’ll be the last one of 2024 with all planets direct. Expect to start looking at your surroundings with new eyes and perhaps even thinking about where you want to live long-term. Maybe you are happy with where you are — but maybe not. Questions about where you work and how you live will begin to surface. Eclipse Season is also underway which delivers a potent mix of old doors closing and new ones opening. Amidst all the initiations, expect to make space and close some things out. 

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