Sagittarius January 2022 Horoscope

Playing Around with My Long-Term Financial Strategy

I know you love a good adventure Sagittarius and that is precisely what 2022 delivers. Visualize yourself putting a back pack on, filled with lots of gear for all the things that could go right (and wrong). Oh the places you will go! Lots of new ideas surround you as you embark upon your 2022 vision—but part of you may decide not to get things going till next month! You might not feel like the time is right. Alongside your burning desires to run away, are reminders of patience and the necessity to keep grounded as you shoot for your 2022 stars. This is a different kind of January and one that might need you to focus on some financials before heading out into the unknown.

The first month of 2022, asks you to develop a sounder financial strategy for yourself and your future. There is a lot of attention in your money sector. Play around with some new ideas. With Venus going retrograde in this area, you might need to tighten up your purse strings to re-evaluate where all your money is going. Possessions could also become a focal point and you might end up needing to make some bigger purchases than you want. Be careful of spending too much, however, as things are not quite certain in this area. Ultimately, you’re going to be given tools to manifest more but introspection is necessary now.

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