Sagittarius October 2023 Horoscope

Creating New Alliances & Clearing Space for New Routines

Networking opportunities and engaging with your friend circle come calling as October kicks into gear. Both old and new alliances along with friendships will be looking for your attention in the coming weeks. With a Solar Eclipse igniting this area strongly, powerful new chapters are looking to begin. A renewed focus surrounds you to connect on all levels. If you haven’t already—start putting yourself out there and network! It’s time to get into a mode of wanting to be with others – rather than fly solo. Benefits in working as part of a team are looking to be found. Mercury, the planet of communications, will also head into this area enticing you to speak your truth with new found connections! Venus also heads into your public sector early on, helping you look good as you get your gab on. 

Money matters also seem to come front and center with power planet Pluto’s station direct early in October. You’re ready to power through any money obstacles and create new foundations of wealth and attraction. An important turning point arrives with Pluto’s station into the transformation you’ve gone through with all things financial. You’ve gone through a radical overhaul in this area of your life. This is a point of the year where you can get a sense of how you’re managing. 

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