Sagittarius June 2024 Horoscope

Making Positive Change & Cultivating a Relationship Focus

June kicks off with your ruling Jupiter operating in a beautiful trine with power player Pluto. Success surrounds you – but the caveat is change. This is a combination that asks you to not only tune into what’s working – but what’s not. Whatever isn’t, now has the power to be radically transformed into something completely different. Opportunity surrounds you to make positive change happen. You’ll be encountering this energy all month long and I want you to seize it. Your ruling Jupiter is also now settling into his new home of Gemini and your 7th house of relationships. This area of your life is about to go through a theme of expansion, helping you make new connections and gain new benefits within your current ones. 

This is the month where the activations really begin. Relationships, of all sorts, promise to be key in the coming weeks. Opportunities surround you to create new partnerships, network and make new connections. There’s momentum surrounding you making all sorts of contacts. Tune into networking possibilities. There’s also focus on how you handle your opponents. You’re in a new mode in determining who’s in — and who’s out. Watch for disguised new people, who really carry the same MO as the old and outdated types you’re looking to break away from. Be in tune with who’s surrounding you, but only keep those that are true to their intentions close. This is not the month to hang with people who promise the moon & stars but never seem to deliver. You’re so much better than that! Pay particular attention to the June 6 Gemini New Moon which activates your relationship area to the fullest. 

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