Sagittarius November 2022 Horoscope

Transforming Losses into Gains & Making Way for New Possibilities

One of the most important shifts of your month, Sagittarius, is the forward movement of your ruling Jupiter. Despite continued road blocks surrounding many of us, you will gain out of Jupiter’s station direct. That won’t happen till the final stages of the month, however. In the beginning you’re going to need to embrace a necessary push behind the scenes. I see you taking cover to get things done out of sight – but not mind. Your mind will be anything but idle and it will be churning with ideas. You’ll just need to keep them all rather private for the moment. It’s time to start putting some very missing pieces together and begin creating a revised strategy. You are going to close out 2022 with a completely new vision. But some things need to happen before you get there. 

Eclipse Season also needs to finalize this month. Important closures are coming in on your working/living environment. A change in routine or something involving your day to day needs to take place. It’s essential for you to get your ducks in a row as you prepare to usher in the new. New directional shifts are beginning to materialize. And I know you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to seize! But you’ll need to close some important doors of the past, before you can make your way into the next. 

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