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Pisces June 2022 Horoscope

Pulled Between Family Needs & Monetizing New Initiatives

Pisces you’re always the two fish swimming in opposite directions! In the coming weeks, you will likely find yourself with two distinct juggling acts. One will be a new drive to monetize or manifest new abundance. Mars will be making his way through your house of money and resources creating a new push in your earning department. Two will be a call from your family and home sector. Alongside new drive in your manifesting portal will be the Sun shining his light in your family sector. As you swim forward, try to find your balance with both themes and not neglect yourself. Try to keep things simple. In everything you do, you’re always churning through oceans of emotions. The less complicated you can make things, the better.

The first week of June delivers an important turning point of the year. Not only will Mercury move forward, but Saturn will move back. This means that all that you need to do in order to accomplish what’s calling becomes rather obvious. Prepare to do a little of this and that as you explore all that you need to. Saturn will be asking all of us to muscle up. June’s Full Moon will actually be very important for your career and direction you’re going in. A public moment awaits. When the Moon is Full in your most public house, others can’t help by notice.

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