Pisces May 2024 Horoscope

Taking on New Opportunities While Being Prompted to Speak My Truth

May delivers a supportive month to your sign Pisces. All of the earthy energy in the skies will help to ground you and fuel new purpose. There’s a lot happening all at once. I see that you’ll be busy and perhaps traveling back and forth to new places. A lot of attention comes into your house of short trips and communications, taking you out and about. The May 7 New Moon highlights this area on a large scale so prepare to be busy, but in a way that you want to be. Another major factor of your month is your money and value sphere. Mars, now finally out of your sign, is in his best placement of Aries. He’s going to ramp up activity in all things relating to earning and spending money. You may gain a new desire to increase your earnings. It’s also possible that you make quick and impulsive decisions to spend money on something that entices your desire. 

Let’s also keep in mind that Saturn is still through your sign. Over the last 14 months or so, he’s been challenging you to sharpen your grip on reality. Where you’ve landed at this stage of the year is important since you’re through the first set of eclipses. You are really beginning to see your limitations, restrictions and places where you are willing to put in some extra muscle. Saturn isn’t the planet you want to invite to the party but in the end you need him to help you see what you’re really capable of. Ultimately, the month of May helps to further solidify where your long term roots are settling. 

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