Pisces October 2023 Horoscope

Gaining New Balance With My Most Important Resources

Expect to encounter a lot of forward momentum as you begin engaging with October’s energy. A lot is happening all around you and it may be hard to keep up. Money matters, in particular, come front and center as you kick off the month. There’s an important balancing act and need to be realistic as you journey your way into the next. Lots of attention surrounds financial matters, with the Sun moving through your house of joint resources and help from others. By mid-month a Solar Eclipse ignites in this area, perhaps showcasing a new beginning with some sort of collaboration or help coming in from another. A bold and courageous step may need to be taken. 

Expect resources to come in and go back out. You’re involved in a juggling act and constantly trying to re-adjust the scales. Saturn, in your sign, will keep reminding you of limitations, restrictions and responsibilities. He is also asking you to pay closer attention to things that you may have neglected to see in the past. Eclipse season has arrived and along with it lots of feelings. You can feel them personally, but you can also feel it through others. Keep your boundaries strong in the coming weeks and swim away from situations that take away your power. You always need a healthy escape to lean into and having one in the coming weeks will be important. 

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