Pisces January 2022 Horoscope

Beginning My New 12 Year Cycle & Dreaming Big

It’s time to get ready for a great year! 2022 here you come Pisces. With lucky and abundant Jupiter now moving through your sign, this is your once in a twelve-year opportunity to go for gold. There was a lot happening internally for your sign last year and now you’re moving into a place to bring entirely new dreams to life. You saw some sprinkles of new developments in 2021 but it was always 2022 that is promised to be your year. With a Super New Moon activating your house of hopes and dreams early in the month, you’re ready to make things happen. On a deep level, you could begin manifesting your biggest intentions. If there is something you’re looking to make real, then this is the perfect month to create new goals and make a commitment to get it started.

But I need to make you aware of the January caveats. The unfortunate thing is that this new year kicks off with a lot of diversions. It’s going to be a slow go out there and I want you to be realistic in how quickly things will be able to manifest. Big things are looking to happen for you— but you’ve got to get through the possible detours before being able to see the gains. Given the serendipitous nature of 2022, perhaps some of the back tracking will end up working in your favor.

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