Pisces November 2022 Horoscope

Accepting a New Reality & Expanding My Horizons Realistically

With Jupiter back in your sign, a major 12 year cycle wrap up is underway. It’s time to see the past for what it is, wrap up your story and make way for the next. The caveat, however, is to not get tripped up along with a haze of confusion and delusion. On the positive, I want you to embrace expanding your horizons in new kinds of ways. New adventures may be calling, alongside opportunities to spread your wings and fly. But an important stillness also comes over you. Your usual escapes may become barricaded. A changing playing field surrounds you and it’s going to take a little time to flounder through the openings and closings. 

Even though November promises to be a month of intensity, there are a number of things working for you in the coming weeks. I know you’re going to have the chance to tap into some opportunity factors. Your water element will be dominant for most of it which helps you feel things strongly as you see your way through the ins and outs. Intuition and a general knowing where the tides are taking you will be sharp. You’re going to get a new sense of things on a very deep level. Others may call on your caring nature. Watch your boundaries and exercise restraint —as you won’t be able to save everyone. 

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