Libra October 2023 Horoscope

Welcoming New Life Directions & Seizing New Opportunities

This is YOUR time Libra! I see a lot of good things out there for you this month! I also see change ahead and it’s for the better.  A powerful Solar Eclipse in your sign ignites mid month, creating profound new cycles for your soul’s path. It’s time for you to seize this moment and make it whatever you want. On a grand scale this new beginning sets the stage for the next 18 years. The last time an eclipse took place in the place it will be this month was 2004! How far you’ve come since then and I am excited for all the places you will explore next. Begin this momentous new chapter by surrounding yourself with all the themes that make your sign so beneficial to us all. Peace, love, balance, justice and inner beauty are your daily mantras. Purposefully seek them out in the coming weeks. With the Sun shining its light here, new portals of attraction are surrounding you.  A much bigger plan for your sign is in store, Libra and I want you to trust the process as it unfolds. 

I also want you to be aware of your shadows during this profound rebooting time. This is a time where you are given opportunities to break patterns of the past. Yes, that may feel uncomfortable at times but push through to make necessary changes. You will appreciate where courage takes you next. Make sure to put your needs into the coming equations vs. always making it about others. Your side matters too — sometimes even more than keeping the peace. Relationship turning points are also going to be part of your monthly action. October’s potent Full Moon eclipse highlights partnerships. This is a point in time where the universe might press you to do something bold for YOU. You might surprise people with what you decide to do in the coming weeks. Something may be ending in order for something new to take its place. However, it plays out, continued confidence that has been blooming inside will be looking to take over. This is your season—and ultimately one of the best months of the year. It’s time to seize your moment and the opportunity surrounding it.

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