Libra March 2024 Horoscope

Embracing My New Transformation & Taking on New Commitments with My Routines

March delivers a series of fated twists to your sign Libra! One of which includes a Lunar Eclipse in your sign. Important turning points are now beginning to surface that stem back to October 2023. Consider all the courageous steps you have taken since that time. In the early stages of March, expect to feel an itch to do something different. The universe is pushing you out, trying to get you to experiment with all sorts of new curiosities.  Desire surrounds you to find new sources of inspiration particularly within all your routines. You might have been feeling a little bored and need to take some steps to mix things up. A new work development or project could also turn up that ends up benefiting you in profound ways. Your creative sector is also activated in the first several weeks of the month with your ruling Venus and Mars also operating in your routine house. New inspiration could come to redecorate or connect to portals of joy and happiness. Watch for what begins around the time of March’s New Moon (March 10). This is such a potent time of manifesting with all planets direct. It’ll be the last New Moon of the year with all planets direct —giving it something EXTRA. 

Expect a lot of attention surrounding all your daily happenings. I expect you will end up somewhere where there is MUCH to do. You might even find yourself looking to do a detox of some sort, with your house of health and wellness fully activated. With Saturn also operating in this area, the time is now for you to take charge of your health and well-being. With focus and discipline, you have the potential to become physically stronger. But it’ll also be important to pay attention to limitations. Saturn likes to remind us of our strengths but also our shortcomings. Neptune is also operating in this area pushing a new reality upon you in regards to your day to day. At first, it may prove difficult to lean into whatever your surroundings are but eventually you will come to embrace the flow of the planet that rules the seas. 

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