Libra November 2022 Horoscope

Finding a Middle Ground & Gaining New Clarity with Financials

The month of November pushes you into a zone to embrace new kinds of attention. With your season officially behind us, there are important initiatives that now need your focus. Expect to encounter a lot of attention in themes pertaining to possessions—money & things you value. Questions surrounding money, what’s necessary (and what’s not) and possessions of an important nature take on your November scenery. A new money-making venture or pattern may also be in the works. Albeit it might be a slow moving process, so pace yourself wisely. 

I would use the energy around you to find a way to manifest more internally — rather than spend. Although you may be making way into purchasing something rather big. We both know how much you like nice things. But we can’t deny that there is an important shift happening. Something is pushing you to take a new look at what’s important — and what’s not. It’s quite possible that you make a decision to detach from materialistic things and focus on things of a more spiritual value. Maybe you want to purchase an experience vs. another thing. Everything has a value on it — but it’s a very personal question. I ask you, what is the most valuable asset to you right now? What are you leaning towards and ultimately away from?

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