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Libra June 2022 Horoscope

Finding New Courage & Growing through Unexpected Experiences

I like what June has to offer you Libra! There is a lot of the air element in play in the coming weeks which helps you feel light and airy, despite any diversions you were previously pushed into. The air element will support you and help you make connections with others. There’s a buzz helping you to keep an optimistic attitude too. New adventures are calling! In many ways you will be like a little bee buzzing here, there and everywhere. You might feel like you have wings—so light and free with a willingness to explore totally new territories. Helping things along will be Mercury’s station forward during the first week of June. It’s time to get the show on the road! June’s Super Full Moon mid-month might even take you on a short trip.

Others will appreciate your optimism and outlook. And there is a lot surrounding your connections and relationships. Mars will be running fast and furiously through your closest alliances house. You may feel a strong urge to connect to others. Watch for becoming too assertive, which is not usually part of your easy breezy nature. New developments into how you promote yourself will begin to play a BIG part of where you go next, as well. Throughout the coming weeks, the Sun will be activating the part of your astrology that likes to take you places — both in your mind and physically. The realm of long-distance travel, learning/teaching, religion, spiritual matters, foreigners and the law will all become active. I wonder if you’re getting ready to make your summer get-away. Whether it’s planned or coming up unexpectedly a need to go somewhere is calling.

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