June 2024 Horoscopes and Astrology

Welcome to the June 2024 Horoscopes and Astrology. The month kicks off with a very special opportunity of connecting to success and connection! The weeks ahead offer a new shift of energy, helping us make authentic connections. It begins in playful Gemini Season and concludes in family oriented Cancer Season. A wealth of support comes in, alongside new developments making us see things through a new lens. Learn more about what it all means for you with my member horoscopes.

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June 2024 Horoscopes and Astrology

June kicks off in the heart of Gemini Season with lots of buzzing energy. Gemini loves to connect, talk and socialize. You can expect to do some of the same as you look at into the coming weeks. It’s a busy month, both mentally and socially infused with an extra surge of combinations fueling success and new momentum to make change. A rare Jupiter Pluto trine presents right as the month begins and operates throughout. This rare and very beneficial combination offers great potential to connect to achievement and access new sources of power. It’s one of my favorite combinations of the year and one to seize!

A special & two-sided Gemini New Moon presents creating a wealth of upbeat + social energy including the potential for romance or something sweet (thank you Venus!). Both Mercury & Venus, operate in playful Gemini till June 17 when they’ll both move into family centered Cancer. Mars spends most of his time in Taurus this month — getting a little angry on June 11 when he’ll square Pluto!

One of the most important shifts in the coming weeks will be the Sun’s entrance into Cancer. The Cancer Solstice is the official start of summer and the season ahead promises to deliver A.L.O.T. A Capricorn Full Moon (the first of two in a row!) follows the seasonal shift and delivers a new crossroads. It’s a highly charged Full Moon that’ll be the first part of a two part story. 

Big Daddy Saturn makes his annual station at the end of June signaling important work that needs to be done. We’re all going in new directions but continued confusion, overwhelm and resistance to change plays a big part of the energies surrounding us. Making things a little more on the edge is Neptune’s (the planet of illusion & delusion) operation in the critical “on the edge” 29th degree. 

June’s highlight’s include a rare & very opportunistic Jupiter Pluto trine (June 2), Sun Venus conjunction in Gemini (June 4), Venus infused Gemini New Moon (June 6), problematic Mars Pluto square (June 11), Cancer Solstice & change of seasons (June 20), Capricorn Full Moon (June 21) and Saturn’s annual station retrograde in Pisces (June 29).

All the extra personal details of my June 2024 forecast can be found in my Member Horoscopes. In the membership, you’ll find detailed videos (for every major June turn), special articles and cosmic monthly wisdom to help guide you through and plan accordingly. Just like there is a lot happening in REAL LIFE, there’s a lot in my membership to explain it ALL!

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