Leo November 2022 Horoscope

Nothing Changes Unless I Take Charge of the Change

November promises to be a wild month with a lot of turning point events in your most public and career sector. That being said, it also delivers an important shift of energy that directs your attention inward towards family matters. I believe this needs to happen, in order to prepare you for the necessary public attention. Making things solid and secure on the inside, allows for more solid developments to take place on the outside. Embrace a balancing act of managing the needs of family and your desires on the outer plane. Take this as an opportunity to change some of your old patterns, particularly if you are missing balance between these two sectors. This is a powerful month of change. 

Family matters will be catching the majority of your attention as the month gets cooking. Your attention will divert outward with the last Eclipse Season of 2022. That promises to deliver an important, yet unexpected twist . Its wild energy showcases your career and place in the public eye quite profoundly. Even though you’ve already shifted gears in regards to the direction you’re heading in —- there’s a lot more in store. You’ve already embraced a door opening and now one needs to close in order to make way for the new. We’re in Scorpio Season for most of November, after all. This is the time to bring light to dark and come to terms with some of your biggest AHA moments. 

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