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Leo June 2022 Horoscope

Accepting vs. Resisting & Strutting through New Channels of Connectivity

The month of June wants you to get out there, strut your stuff and expand your connections. I’d aim to connect with friends, alliances and reignite your networking skills. Do what you do best and find your stage. An increased desire surrounds you to make connections in a number of different arenas. Be in tune with it and try to take some of the universe’s prompts to engage with those coming at you. The good news is that along the way, you’ll encounter a lot less resistance. Mercury begins moving forward on June 3, which will help to alleviate those pesky detours and aggravations that surrounded most of May. You’re also through Eclipse Season’s gates, which means that things won’t be so intense in June. The nice thing is that the doors that began to open in late April, now begin to see progress.

There’s still work that needs to get done however. Saturn will be asking you to push up your sleeves and focus on any relationship challenges. You’ve been going through an important process of getting in tune with who’s meant to be in your circle and who’s not. Some of these new insights are exciting while others are uncomfortable. The true leader within is gaining momentum but there are necessary adjustments you’re maneuvering through. You are doing really good stuff in finding new ways to make it work. Just remember that not everything is always within your control. Blockages and restrictions will surround you. What’s beneficial about now is that you’re in a place of acceptance at this stage vs. resistance.

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