Leo October 2023 Horoscope

Counting My Blessings & Embracing New Opportunities of Change

Get ready Leo because October is going to be a whirlwind of forward momentum. First, there’s sweet Venus who’s been operating in your sign since early June. This has been a very long time, for better and for worse! In the first stage of October, she prepares to make her exit out of your sign. But I sense she won’t go unnoticed. Pay attention to what kinds of blessings she wants to bestow upon you before she goes. Operating in Leo she’ll enjoy a lights, camera, action moment! After she leaves your sign, she’ll head into your money sector. This will push the envelope for you in both making and spending! 

October’s Lunar Eclipse taking place later in the month igniting your career sector and place in the public eye.  A major turning point now arrives. There may be prompts to make a release and do something different in some shape or form. This is the same place that both Jupiter and Uranus are also operating. Whatever is being asked of you is important to where you go next. There is support wrapped up in the chaos. There have been several eclipses in this place of your life since the end of 2021 but now things must turn into an entirely new level. Before you can get there, however, you’ll need to embrace the October Solar Eclipse in your communication sector. Embrace new doors opening with how you get your point across to the world. 

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