Leo May 2024 Horoscope

Taking on a New Philosophy for your Future which is Oh So Bright

Oh how far you have come, lion! I know it’s been a lot of shake, rattle and roll but you’re powering through and strutting your stuff. Expect to be seen and heard as you move into the next. There is a lot of attention, coming from many different planetary angles, shining in on you and all you’re doing. Your ruling Sun is shining in your most public house, creating new awareness into your public persona. Alongside the Sun’s operation is Venus, Jupiter and Uranus all working some powerful planetary magic. Attention is coming in on you, in important ways, as you make way into one of the most astrologically active times of your year. You’re still being tested to operate outside of your comfort zone. But May delivers energy where it becomes easier.  May’s blessings are fruitful and real. There’s even a possibility for you to take a trip with Mars dancing quickly through your house of travel! 

With so much attention in your most public sector, it’ll be important to pay attention to career matters. If you are looking to expand yourself, this is a good month to do so. May’s New Moon in this area offers you a real opportunity to put down some strong roots in whatever you want to be long lasting. Venus will also be operating here attracting people to you. Take opportunities to talk about who you are and what you do. As the month builds, I see your confidence coming to a new level. Work what you need to and make sure to pay attention to the very beginning stages of May. This is when Pluto, the planet of power and powerlessness, stations retrograde in your opposite sign. If you’re feeling a relationship struggle, you can blame him operating in your house of partnerships. But know that whatever becomes visible (Pluto is an excavator) is part of a purging process helping you make better alliances. 

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