Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope

Making Space & Manifesting My New Destiny

January kicks starts in your season and you have either just celebrated your Solar Return or heading into it. There’s a lot in play for you, Capricorn, as 2022 gets started! Not only is there a Super New Moon in your sign but both Venus and Pluto are hanging out here too. A lot of new beginnings are looking to find you. January’s New Moon will be one of the most important New Moons of your year. The hardship is Venus going retrograde, which is pressuring and delaying things for your sign. Albeit, she’s also putting additional attention on you too. Maybe it’s good attention or maybe the kind that you don’t want. There is a sense inside you of not necessarily wanting to put yourself out there right now.

The key to working this season effectively is to keep focused and driven on your long-term plan. New goals are looking to begin, as well as new connections. There is so much in the making for you in 2022. What’s going to be most important is making a little space for the unexpected to pop up! Something serendipitous wants to come into play. And a Mercury Retrograde too — which might make you need to revisit some things that you began back in December!

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