Capricorn April 2024 Horoscope

Building New Dreams on the Home Front & Embracing the Unexpected

It’s time for an important slow down as you embrace the next part of Eclipse Season. The universe has put you in exactly the place you need to be. Enjoy the part of April that is pushing to reawaken your spirit and connect to new portals of creative expression. Alongside needs for renewal, come new developments on the home & family front. April’s Total Solar Eclipse activates your home area of life on a radical level. A healing of an old wound or hurt may need to play part of this. Something new, perhaps with a twist of the past, is beginning. I see a reinvention of some kind and what comes out of it may take you by surprise. 

Mercury moves through his first retrograde of the year for most of the month. Given his trickery, it’s best to wait and see what comes at you vs. going after anything new. Take a breather from pushing forward and wait to see what arrives next. What you encounter will likely call you to take some necessary detours. Stay open minded to where you need to go or go back to. A bigger reason is in play. Take some time to contemplate what it is you really want. You’re going through a life altering time with the nodes influencing your sign heavily. It’s at these crossroads that we need to be honest with ourselves. 

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