Capricorn October 2023 Horoscope

A New Public Persona in the Making

A major energy surge promises to come over you in October, Capricorn. You’re on a mission and having an important goal to fuel you forward will be beneficial. Energy will be high from all angles and if you don’t have a place to direct it towards, things could get frustrating. Expect new attention to surround you, too. Both the Sun and Mercury will be vibing up your most public house — in good ways. A Solar Eclipse also takes place in this area creating an important new chapter – perhaps involving your career or life direction. Get ready to be seen and heard! 

Pluto, operating in your sign, also makes an important move this month. After moving retrograde since early May, he now stations forward. An important moment for you specifically arrives. It’s time to tune into how you’ve turned pain into power and transformed in radical ways. New developments will likely become more evident as he turns direct in your first house of confidence and stamp on the world.

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