Capricorn November 2022 Horoscope

Framing Out New Goals & Working Through Routine Altercations

The universe is now conspiring to help you find new modes of connection with groups of people. It’s also possible that you embark upon discovering new networks or alliances. There is a new kind of social connection that surrounds you in November. You never know, you might even have a little fun along the way. Expect a lot of attention with groups. Quite possibly you might need to lead the pack in some kind of way. New people may also begin coming into your story —with a twist! The caveat, however, will be all the intensity that also gets ushered in with the waves of November. There will be a lot coming at you, all at once, that’s going to really push you to muscle up and do what you do best — get to work!

With a lot of activity in your long term goals sector of your astrology, there’s also a lot of potential to frame out different long-term goals. But with Mars going retrograde in your daily environment sector, some important routines may need to change alongside. You might want to ask yourself what it is you’re really climbing for at this stage of the year. We both know how goal oriented you are and there’s always new mountains you’re eager to climb. But what is it that will make you happiest of all? As you embark upon this intense portal of change, really be honest with yourself. 

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