Mermaids of the Zodiac: Discover Your Sign’s Connection to the Sea

This whimsical mermaid collection was inspired by my daughter, astrologically influenced by myself and painted beautifully by, Yana Shvets of Yana Travel Art. Prints can be ordered through her Etsy Shop.  As you muse through this very special collection of mermaids from all facets of the sea, remember that a few of them live within you.

There are many astrological influences running through you and it’s important to connect to all of them—- most importantly your Sun Sign, Rising Sign & Moon Sign. Generate your own personal astrology chart to find out what these influences are. Learn more about each sign and its current happenings by clicking the image. 

The Aries Mermaid is pioneering, courageous, entrepreneurial & risky. She jumps into the water with no reserve and swims through the waves with confidence & determination. 

The Taurus Mermaid is practical, reliable, patient & enduring. She connects to the sea through her senses, feeling its breeze, smelling the waves & soaking in its sunlight.

The Gemini Mermaid is talkative, communicative & inquisitive. She’s always thinking and making new connections across her network of the sea. 

The Cancer Mermaid is a natural sea dweller. She feels the water in both her heart & soul. Her caring, loyal, protective & intuitive nature guides her through each & every wave. 

The Leo Mermaid is generous, enthusiastic, creative & a born leader. She will be the one to lead her fellow maids with courage & confidence showcasing the the way.

The Virgo Mermaid is the most detailed, organized & analytical. She will be the faithful advisor making the best plan of how to swim through the seas of change. 

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The Libra Mermaid will be the most peaceful, easy going and diplomatic. She will be the one to advocate for collaboration. The the other maids will always consult when they need fair mediation, equality & balance.

The Scorpio Mermaid will be the most mysterious and secretive of them all. One will never know exactly what is happening beneath her facade. She will be the one to ignite passion, desire & motivation for whatever it is we’re seeking. 

The Sagittarius Mermaid is the most optimistic of them all. She will be the one seeking the truth, dreaming up the possibilities and wishing upon a night star. The other mermaids will see her as a teacher as they listen with open ears to her inspirational vision. 

The Capricorn Mermaid is goal driven, patient, practical and persistent. She will be the one to catch the biggest waves and find a way to swim over them. No one can compromise her determination in finding solutions and manifesting goals of the largest magnitude. 

The Aquarius Mermaid is the humanitarian of the sea. She is independant and needs no one’s opinion in deciding where she goes next. Her rebellious and innovative style will always take the wave less travelled. 

The Pisces Mermaid will always have a magical twinkle in her eye. She will always be the most open-minded, sensitive and intuitive of all the maids. Her caring and emotional fins will always be there to lend a hand to anyone who needs it.  

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