Virgo February 2021 Horoscope

Balancing Routines, Restrictions and a Growing Desire to Expand My Surroundings

Plan B’s on the horizon! February kicks off with your ruling Mercury beginning to catch some speed as he treks backwards. Up until February 20, you’re going to prompted to make some adjustments and be open to plans changing. You’re trekking back, just like Mercury is! Given the fancy footwork in play, the weeks ahead will be anything but dull. You’re going to keep yourself busy, doing a little of this and a lot of that. There’s a new desire to reconnect to rituals of the past, perhaps even put a new spin on them. You’re on the hunt for a better system to make your surroundings work better for the new you that is emerging into 2021.

You are in a fresh mode where you want to “clean” and get things done. New beliefs are beginning to surround you, as well as a call to promote yourself in new ways. Perhaps you decide that what needs to be put back into order is you. The path to wellness in an inside job. It begins by going within and then begins to find openings into the outside world. There are conflicts, however, that pull you between your routine obligations and this new desire to spread your wings and fly. Restrictions are still holding you back.

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