Virgo May 2021 Horoscope

Making New & More Solid Long Term Goals

Good news Virgo! May delivers a ton of productive and stamina boosting energy to your doorstep. Your earth element will be strong, opening up new pathways into planning out your most important goals. The weeks ahead support your sign and help you find ease and opportunity. But you will be thinking and analyzing a lot! There’s just no stopping it. May is also ideal for teaching, learning and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Themes of activation involve taking new strides to breaking your own personal boundaries. It’s also a great spiritual zone. Get in tune with your beliefs and hold true to them.

Eclipse Season will also be creating important decisions. The universe will be pushing you to say good bye to people, places and ideas that are part of your past as a result of this month’s Blood Moon Eclipse. A totally fresh and new source of inspiration will begin to surface as you see your way through. Ultimately, new opportunities to be seen and heard are beginning to peer through. A Solar Eclipse follows, taking place in your most public house next month. Expect to get some glimmers into where new doors want to open this month. But prepare for some farewells first.

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