Cancer February 2021 Horoscope

Taking Advantage of Emotional Detachment

Given your sensitive nature to the surrounding environment, your month kick starts with some jittery feelings. Energy is running high in the coming weeks and I bet your sign’s intuition feels it. On the plus side however, you might be feeling a better ability to detach from your feelings. The over-abundance of the Air element allows for less emotional connectivity. However, there could also be some possible frustrations or resentments coming into play. Mercury is going retrograde, after all! Despite that, though, there are important opportunities in the coming weeks to tap into.

Important reinventions are in the making and this is a season to experiment with new mindsets. This will work, particularly well with relationship dynamics that’ll continue to come into play. It’s also possible that you’ll want to keep your distance or potentially come into a deeper desire to get closer. There’s a changeability in this season which could make you feel like going in one direction one day. Then a totally different one the next!

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