Cancer August 2020 Horoscope

Staying Clear of Emotional Traps & Trusting My Instincts

Cancer, I have no doubt that you will be happy to say good-bye to a very difficult and emotional July. It’s time to brace your way forward into the next. August is a time to feel a new kind of inspiration and tune into an improved instinctual drive to keep going. Trust your instincts as you forge into the next. They are sharp and knowing. While part of you may feel like you’re driving with the blinders on, you always find a way to get to your next destination. My advice, as you forge ahead, is to avoid the emotional traps that will be looking to find you. Forces that are out of your control will still continue to surround you. But new opportunities to stay clear of getting sucked into the emotional abyss now comes onto the scene.

August also delivers a playing ground that encourages you to begin manifesting new ways of earning income. Be in tune with money as there will be more attention on what you’re spending, as well as how much you’re bringing in. New sparks are now in the process of lighting up your house of resources and possessions. New desires are surrounding you to make more money ….and potentially spend it. New thoughts about what’s necessary and what’s not will begin to creep into your head. You might even decide to disconnect from materialistic things and focus on things of a more non-material value. Experiences might be worth more to you than something tangible. A turning point with joint resources, or something you own with someone else will likely surface in the beginning of the month with a wild Full Moon….

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Cancer is the caretaker of the Zodiac.

Nobody cares like a Cancer does and they are extremely family minded. There is simply nothing that will come between a Cancer and their families. They are also very intuitive and should always listen to their instincts because their usually right. Nobody can compare to their memories, either. People are always impressed by their abilities to remember EVERYTHING.

Real estate savvy is another trait of this sign and many people who have a strong Cancer stamp in their charts do very well with all aspects of real estate including interior design. They can also be great worriers and have to work hard at not letting their emotions get the best of them. 

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Sign of Cancer Key words:

Caring, loyal, protective, intuitive, sympathetic, strong paternal/maternal instincts, excellent memory, moody, changeable, overly emotional, thrifty, unforgiving/holds a grudge

Sign of Cancer Time Frame:

The Sun moves through the sign of Cancer from approx. June 21st-July 22nd

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August 2020 Horoscopes and Astrology

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Important Facts to Know About the Sign of Cancer

Cancer’s Most Important Planet:  The Moon

Element: Water

Type: Feminine

Sign Cancer Works Best With: Capricorn

Mode: Cancer is a Cardinal sign, because it gets things done. It’s a starter, initiator and puts his/heart into everything it sets out to do.

Best Color for Cancer to Wear: Smoky greys and greens

Most Important Body Part: Breasts

Best Stone to Flaunt: Silver – particularly antique silver

Crystal Astrology Jewelry: Moonstone opalites (Reflection, and transformation (clear), White and grey pearls (partnership, loyalty, fidelity)

Plants Cancer Likes Most: Wild flowers

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