Pisces February 2021 Horoscope

Retreating and Finding a New Getaway

The beginning of February is always a necessary time of the year for you to take a bit of a step back. The universe is now asking you to operate behind the scenes. You might even be looking for an escape off the beaten path somewhere to tuck away into. It won’t last for long but it’s an important time out period of retreat. It’s important to do this, prior to your season and beginning of the Pisces astrological year. With Mercury now in the throes of his retrograde, it might not be such a bad thing to take a little breather from everything. Readjustments, plan Bs and delays will be taking place all around many of us. It couldn’t hurt to lay low as many will be scrambling into making necessary adjustments. Interestingly enough, Mercury will go direct on February 20 right alongside the entrance of Pisces Season! You’ll be fresher than ever come that time.

Alongside your necessary retreat, I guarantee that important shifts are indeed happening— even if you aren’t quite aware of them. Given your introspective state, you might find yourself looking back to see all your accomplishments, as well as things you could have done differently. Be careful of self-sabotage as you take your retreat. Taking on a research project would work well or doing something solo can help keep your spirits up. Thankfully, energy will be operating on a more detached plane vs. an emotional one for the first three weeks of the month. This could help you enjoy some alone time vs. getting stuck in emotional turmoil.

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