Pisces May 2021 Horoscope

Entirely New Encounters of Inspiration

The month of May puts a larger than usual focus on your need to communicate with others. There’s a new optimism and inspiration that is beginning to surround you. Get ready for life to get a little more exciting in the coming weeks. An important twist in your 2021 story is coming into fruition. Lucky Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet, begins his very special preview in your sign this month. The wheels of fortune are spinning in your favor. Expect a new found confidence boost to start swimming around you.

Opportunities will find you to engage yourself on many different levels. My only caution point is to be realistic as you swim forward. Your ruling Neptune is always around you, creating illusions. It’s always important for you to stay mindful of BOTH his good side (which makes you see the good in everything) and bad side (which makes you do too much for others and not yourself). Balance the two polarities in the best way you can. The element of Earth will be strong in the coming weeks which helps you find your footing as you embark upon new developments. Anchors will be around to help you not drift too far off into the sea!

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