Leo November 2020 Horoscope

New Attention on Family & Real-Estate Matters

November delivers an important shift of energy but it also directs your attention inward. Despite everything happening around you, I would expect a lot of attention to come into your private sector involving family matters. Real estate ventures seem to begin making new progress as well. Mercury will re-emerge into this area and eventually Venus too. Expect quite the planetary party in this area of your life.

As you work your way through the month of November you will notice some pretty big signs into the revamp that’s been going on in your routines area of life. I bet they are looking totally different than they were several months back. A new revamp and resurgence in your living environment is coming into play. But in all honesty, it’s been around you all year. It’s just that now you’re truly going to be able to see results of the transformation…

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