Leo February 2021 Horoscope

Experimenting with My Relationship Dynamics

With last month’s powerful Full Moon in your sign now over, you’re through the gates of one of the most important radical shifts taking place for your sign this year. As we gaze out into the next and embark upon the new month, your rebuilding phase comes into fruition. It’s time to strengthen and fortify your place within all the new developments taking place. February promises to deliver even more important shifts of your year. Energy will be high because so much attention on your polar opposite sign (Aquarius) is taking place. This polarity creates a desire for you to take action and fuels your desires. By mid-month and the onset of the first Saturn Uranus square, a totally new mindset will begin taking over your life direction.

While there are likely still some adjustments in store, there is a LOT happening in the partnership sector of your astrology. This becomes even more evident as the weeks of February go on. There is a great push for you to engage with others and create long lasting partnerships from all different angles. It could also be time to decide what relationships are working —and which ones aren’t. New dynamics need to begin forming, as well as an understanding of the limitations of each side.

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