Gemini January 2021 Horoscope

Juggling My Way into 2021

Gemini it’s time to kick off your 2021 party. It’ll be important for you to be on your toes as January kicks into gear. An important transformation is beginning to take place inside of you. I can see you getting yourself ready for some new kinds of personal promotion. But for the most part you might want to keep all that’s happening on the inside and to yourself, until later in the month. You’re beginning to see things more clearly now but you’re not quite ready to discuss your thoughts, just yet.

You will likely want to speak your truth by this month’s Full Moon. However, for the moment, there’s a larger than usual need to keep things private. Joint resources, new desires and help from other people are also beginning to surface. A new kind of creativity is beginning to take form in how you work your resources—particularly those you are involved in with others. You’re a great juggler, Gemini, and as a result you may find yourself juggling all different sorts of resources. New goals may be looking to form with this month’s manifesting New Moon.

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