Gemini May 2021 Horoscope

Balancing a New Push to Communicate and Socialize with Some Undercover Operations

There are certain periods of life where we need to just trust the universe. Gemini, the month of May delivers one of these very periods. Major cyclical changes begin to take place in the coming weeks. You’re making preparations to say good bye to something that no longer serves you and make way into a new and fresh start. Lucky Jupiter is also planning some special previews into new things looking to happen in your career. New directions are indeed calling.

Your mind will be dancing with ideas and possibilities of where you will end up going next. Much of what needs to happen will come together behind the scene until we get to the last stages of the month when the Sun shifts into your sign. May, in general, is a time where you usually need to bow out of the limelight for a few weeks. Time is necessary to get ready to celebrate your birthday and begin a new astrological year. Some introspection, planning and perhaps getting serious stuff done is all in part of the process. That being said, both Mercury and Venus will be shifting into your sign in the early part of May. You may be called into quite a few social settings and be asked your opinion more than usual. It’s quite possible that you don’t find as much alone time as you want! With Venus operating in your sign, you’re going to be an attraction magnet. Perhaps you even encounter the beginning stages of a new romance.

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