Capricorn May 2021 Horoscope

Letting Loose & Stepping into New Communication Zones

The month of May kicks off with the Moon in your sign helping you lean into your purpose and take charge of your destiny. New optimism, as well as communication energy now surrounds you from all angles. The month ahead delivers new support with the element of Earth in high-focus. You might find yourself lightening up, speaking your mind freely as you let go of a lot of the pressure and challenge of the prior month. May delivers a bit of an energetic breather and new discoveries into where some new roots are looking to implant.

The New Moon will be particularly beneficial for you, allowing for plans to come into place for all the new mountains you want to climb. Interestingly enough, with lucky Jupiter heading into your house of transportation— perhaps you begin making some new plans for places to go. Maybe even quite literally you decide to take a hike in the mountains, discovering new ways to connect to your Mother Earth element. With the Sun travelling through your 5th house for a good portion of the month, some extra fun, creativity and romantic sparks are looking to find you. Feelings of wanting to work less and get more creative will become heightened. Take a break from doing unto others and make a plan to do something for yourself.

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