Capricorn February 2021 Horoscope

Radicalizing My Sense of Value

It’s time to prepare for some necessary detours as you embark upon a very important month of your year! Your thoughts will continually gravitate towards things that you value. What’s worth it and what’s not? This is a question that will likely surface more than a few times as you trek on. Your answers may be far different than what they would have been several years ago. There’s an internal balancing act in play for your sign involving embracing new freedoms of self-expression alongside restrictions. New twists of the past are also looking to crop back up— particularly those connected to financial matters. You may need to go back and clean up some money matters before being able to trek ahead. Goals are in the making. It’s just best to embrace a necessary 3-week diversion.

As you immerse into February, new chapters are beginning to ignite that have to do with gaining additional resources. You may be taking strides to make more money or a new focus on money comes onto the scene. You’ll be able to see what I mean by the point of this month’s New Moon that fully activates your house of money. A bigger push to spend money comes alongside new needs to downsize or minimalize. You’re not looking to accrue things, but rather experiences and feelings. The value of experience is gaining great respect in your new visioning.

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