Sagittarius January 2021 Horoscope

Improving My Financial Strategies

New awakenings are setting into motion Sagittarius—-but so is a need to continue to keep grounded as you shoot for your 2021 stars. While there is probably a great part of you still feeling restricted, new shifts have begun to take place. You’re able to stretch a little more now, or move into a mode of acceptance for the limitations that surround you. The wild within you has been forced to become tamer than you’d like.

Important initiatives and developments involving money now come into your New Year scene rather quickly. This is an area that has gotten a lot of attention last year, but it’s still demanding your focus. Decisions involving how you can push ahead financially, grow or completely restructure your finances continues to surround you.  A decision may need to come into play with this month’s New Moon highlighting this area of your astrology.

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