Sagittarius May 2021 Horoscope

Making Way for Necessary Endings and Important Cycle Shifts

The month of May delivers one of the most profound months of your year. You’re embarking upon some of the most important chapters of your life closing out, in order for new ones to take their place. Necessary developments are going to lead up to a Total Lunar Eclipse, or Blood Moon (in your sign!) coming into full bloom at the end of May. As you see your way through there will be a lot of attention centering around themes of your astrology that keep you busy. I have no doubt that you’ll have a lot going on. Along the way, however, the universe will be asking you to decide where you need to direct your attention to–and where you don’t.

Become aware of a new focus on your health, routines and living environment. You might want to make some important changes or put down some new roots in this area. With the Sun travelling through your 6th house of health, work and daily routines new developments will be looking to take place. Work will also be important and there will to be a necessity for you to focus on many things happening at once. You will move into a new mode of needing to get things done! It is possible that you could feel overloaded with all that’s coming at you. Remember to pace yourself along the way and question what’s worth it and what’s not.

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