Sagittarius November 2020 Horoscope

Seizing Opportunities from Behind the Scenes

A momentous month is in the making for you, Sagittarius. While there is a big part of you that will want to remain behind the scenes for the first half of November, there are some very important shifts taking place. The grand finale of your ruling Jupiter’s conjunction with Pluto takes place and delivers a destiny call. It’s time for you to shoot your arrows of optimism and transform all that has died into something entirely new. Thankfully, action driven Mars will wake up from his two month retrograde delivering some renewed passion into what you need to do next. Be in tune with whatever has been making you uncomfortable and consider that it may be one of your biggest opportunity factors. Don’t discount the possibilities in the coming weeks. With the pandemic on the rise and lots of volatility, you’re going to need to take a new perspective on your growth factors.

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