Taurus January 2021 Horoscope

Wake Up Call

January is your month to hit the ground running Taurus and it comes along with an important wake up call. With lots of “earthy” energy fueling you on – you’re ready to begin tackling all your 2021 goals. This is especially the case, as you prepare for the action-oriented Mars to make his grand entrance into your sign early in the month! Prepare for a lot of directional shifts as you see your way through the energy of this unexpected month. Lots of new developments are going to be making their way towards you.

That being said, there may be some fated twists that take you in entirely new directions. Get into the mindset of stepping outside your usual comfort zone. The year ahead is going to continually push you to explore new facets to who you are and the directions you are looking to take next. I could also see you getting a little feisty or aggravated later in the month, if you’re not listening to the universe’s prompts to make some changes.

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