Taurus May 2021 Horoscope

Celebrating Me & My Season

The month of May kicks off in your season! With the Sun shining in your sign, there will be new opportunities for you to tap into some time for yourself and recharge on a personal level. Important progress is felt early on, as well new strength to go after important goals. Change and disruption have surrounded your sign on many levels, but May is a month where you’ll have an opportunity to catch your breath. You should also find some time to get out there, indulge in a little self-care and “smell the roses.”

May’s New Moon in your sign is a beauty and this will be on one of YOUR most important planting times of 2021. Make the most of it and use it to find your new stride and show off talents. I also want you to take advantage of Venus’ final stretch through your sign, especially during the first week of the month. She may deliver some important developments with money, romance or even just a general sense of accomplishment. Be in tune with the energy surrounding you that’s looking for new outlets. Continue to practice being OK with being a little uncomfortable as you explore.

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