Libra October 2019 Horoscope

Making My New Stamp on the World

October is YOUR month Libra to surround yourself with all things good and great. New initiatives will be cropping up in more ways than one and a new kind of confidence is looking to take over. This is your season—and ultimately one of the best months of your year. Important personal changes are also coming into play and all that you do now will benefit you in the coming months. As you embark upon your Solar Return moment it’s time to set the stage right and make some new initiatives for you – and no one else (which is NOT your MO!). With the Sun traveling through the place of your astrology that wants you to put a stamp on the world, it’s time to reboot your system and take on a totally new perspective in where you go next….

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Libra is the consummate host and will always throw the best parties and gatherings.

If a Libran invites you over – make sure you go because they will always create just the right ambiance. He also has the best ability to see each side of every situation – equally. They crave harmony and will do whatever they can to not ruffle anyone’s feathers. They are the quintessential diplomat and make excellent lawyers and advocates of the law. Since they can see all angles equally – their indecisiveness can sometimes take over.

Making decisions can be difficult since they truly have a hard time embracing one side over the other. When he does finally make a decision (and sometimes it’s with the help of a more decisive sign) he can set his mind to accomplishing whatever goal it is he seeks. A Libra is also an excellent matchmaker and loves to pair people together in hopes of making a love connection.

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Libra Key words:

Peaceful, charming, easy-going nature, romantic, diplomatic, idealistic, indecisive, resentful, changeable, flirtatious, easily influenced by others, gullible, matchmaker

Libra Time Frame:

The Sun moves through the sign of Libra from approx. September 23rd-October 22nd

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Important Facts to Know About the Sign of Libra

Libra Most Important Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Type: Masculine

Sign Libra Works Best With: Aries

Mode: Libra is a Cardinal sign, because of it gets things done. It’s a starter and initiator and makes sure to get things done.

Best Color to Wear: Pale Blue & Pink

Most Important Body Part: Kidneys

Best Stone to Flaunt: Sapphire

Crystal Astrology Jewelry: Grey pearls (reflection, partnership, fidelity), Blue chalcedony (alignment and spiritual linkages), and for balance blue sunstones (leadership, life-force, business and magic)

Plants Libra Likes Most: Any Blue Flowers and Large Roses

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