Libra May 2021 Horoscope

Learning How to Better Leverage All My Resources

The month of May delivers a new kind of transformation surrounding the resources you store within yourself, as well as those you can gain from others. Thoughts surrounding what you value, how you value it and what’s most important in your life continue to grow. In my opinion, you’re on the lookout now for how to gain more experiences vs. possessions. New needs to expand, particularly when it comes to learning and education are also beginning to grow. Perhaps you’re embarking upon a new learning or teaching endeavor. A desire to “go wide” is really coming on strong.

Lucky Jupiter will make his way into your house of routines and daily living environment mid-month. This will likely begin to put some new momentum into your daily life and create a new kind of business. Perhaps some new routines will lead you into the next part of the year. May also delivers the beginnings of Eclipse Season with a Total Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon. This is going to close out a cycle that’s been play since mid-December (the time frame of the last set of eclipses). Continue to be mindful of what needs to go and what wants to stay.

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