Libra February 2021 Horoscope

Playing with New Possibilities of Showcasing My Talents

The month ahead is going to put a lot of attention into one of the best zones of your astrology – the zone of fun + creativity and romance. It’s also a time where experimentation and inventiveness needs to play part. A high Aquarian vibe will surround you in more ways than one. This calls for a necessity to try something different and break some of the rules that have held you back in the past. There will be an abundance of your complimentary Air element front and center to help you tap into it.

Despite the woes of Mercury Retrograde, this energy is going to help you feel lighter and more playful. You’re ready to create and invent something entirely new in your existence. An important push for your creative side is also looking to come out. It’s time to let a new kind of love in —- in a fresh and free kind of way. Be open to the idea of playing with possibilities of how you can showcase your talents. People may not realize the brilliance within you!

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