Scorpio May 2021 Horoscope

Building New Alliances

As you head into May, it’s important for you to take some deep breaths and exhale. You made it through a powerful Super Moon in your sign and for that you should celebrate. The month ahead surrounds you with new kinds of energy showcasing your opposite sign of Taurus. Perhaps there will be new pushes into needing to work with others—both romantically and platonically. Your connections with others, in all types of one-on-one relationships will become very important. With the Sun traveling through the terrain most connected to your close and personal partnerships, it’s just a given that you’re going to be dealing with others.

Other planetary players will have a lot to say, too, in regards to connectivity. Both Venus and Mercury will begin operating in multi-faceted Gemini, helping you find additional insights into the way you connect. Some people might stump you along the way, however! Whether you are seeking a relationship, friendships or clients — partnerships of all types will be coming into play. You might even start to notice some players of the past creeping back in.

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