Scorpio February 2021 Horoscope

Internal and External Revamps

No matter how the month ahead plays out, I guarantee it’ll be hard for someone to get in your way — even though I’m sure they will try. The coming weeks will heighten your energy plane and lessen your tolerance. If someone decides to mess with you they are going to feel the sting. Tell them to watch out because despite a Mercury Retrograde in play a new, more confident and motivated Scorpio comes to town! Expect continued desire for change and needs to step outside of your comfort zone.

February delivers some of the most important turning points of the year! A highly eventful terrain surrounds you and I have no doubt that you will be driven to succeed on many different levels. Family matters will, however, play the most important central themes. New initiatives will surface in this area of your life. When everything is said and done your heart will be driven back to take care of business in this important arena. With the Sun highlighting family and home matters, an emphasis on all things home and family related – perhaps even real estate connected is center stage. You might even be thrown back into some past memories involving your family or home in some way. If you find yourself delving back into the past for some reason – it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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